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family/genus/species of staph:


aureus, epidermidis, saprophyticus, +13
gram stain of staph
nice round gram positive cocci in clusters
catalase test for staph shows
growth requirement of Staph

type of respiration
none/ not fastidious

facultative anaerobe - grows anywhere
colonial morphology of all staph species
white, round, creamy, opaque, convex, large with prolonged incubation
coag test for staph
positive; if slide shows positive you're good.
principle of coag test
first do slide test for bound coag; if negative, then do a tube test for free
pigmentation of staph aureus vs. epi
aureus = yellow, epi = white
hemolytic rxtns of aureus vs. epi
aureus = beta
epider = gamma
principle of latex agglutination test
latex beads coated with
-anti-protein A

bugs that produce coagulase will bind beads.
bugs that have protein A (s aureus does) will bind Ab.
alternative tests for I.D. of aureus or epi
latex agglutination
DNAse or Thermostable Nuclease
Mannitol salt
principle of novibiocin test
saprophyticus is resistant, other species of staph are not
what type of specimen is mannitol salt for
shows fermentors - s. aureus

shows growth if able to grow on salt - s. aureus is
diseases caused by s. epi and other coag neg staphs
-bacterial endocarditis of prosthetic valve

-surgical prosthesis infection

disease caused by s. saprophyticus
6 extracellular substances produced by s. aureus
exfoliative toxin (gets under epidermis)
leukocidin (kills WBC)
enterotoxin (causes 1/3 of food poison)
coagulase (fibrin walls off from immun)
protein A (allows resist to phagocytos)
others (v. virulent)
diseases of skin caused by s. aureus
scalded skin syndrome
ritters disease
caused by s. aureus; also known as scalded skin syndrome; in infants, bacteria under epidermis cleaves skin off
diseases of digestive tract caused by s. aureus

what toxins?

charact: length, symptoms, causes
food poisoning

Enterotoxins A and D

2-6 hr incub., nausea/vomit/diahhr., unrefrig high protein foods

self limiting
respiratory disease caused by s. aureus
pneumoniae; yellow sputum
tampons + s. aureus =

caused by
toxic shock syndrome


initial - high fever, dizzy, vomit, shock
2 days later - sunburn rash, hypotens.
staph does what to bones
causes osteomyelitis
when is an epidemiological investigation conducted?
what is it
outbreak;phage typing nad plasmid analysis
phage typing
a plate has different phages which infect various bacteria; if the same spot on two plates shows no growth, the bacteria are the same.
what does s. aureus produce, and therefore you can't prescribe
b-lactamase; penicillins or cephalosporins
use to treat s. aureus: (simple)
to treat MRSA

its due to PBPs