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ideal time for going to baths?
about middle of afternoon
list sequence of events in usual visit to bath. Describe each. Make a basic diagram of the baths.
1. pay small admission fee do ostiarius (doorkeeper)
2 go to palestra (exercise area) open space surrounded by colonnade like peristylium. spend little time greeting old friends and exercising like throwing large ball from one to another, wrestling and fencing using wooden swords.
3. visit apodyterium (changing room)
4. tepidarium (warm room) sit on benches sweating slightly and preparing for caldarium
5. caldarium (hot room) first soak in bath at one end then summon slave to rub oil into skin ther scrape it with type of scraper called strigil. then massuer to massage skin and muscles. then go to large basin on other end for refreshing splash/rinse with cold water
4. (might visit) frigidarium (cold room)I plunge in deep circular pool of unheated water before dressing
Use textbook for diagram
Were Romans first to build baths?
No learned from Greeks
If predecessor to bath building, how did Romans improve baths?
Improved heating system. Made pathways under floors and in walls for heated air to travel.
What was heating system called?
What was heating system primary fuel?
Where else was heating system used?
private homes especially in colder parts of Roman empire