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What is Self-Concept?
How you see yourself and your qualities. Feelings, attitudes, judgements, concepts, values, goals.
What is Self-Esteem?
How you judge yourself.
Rate your traits. Rating Self-Esteem:

What do you want to be
-What you are now

O - Can you get there?
What is identity?
An individual's unique combination of personality characteristics and social style.
What are 3 parts of the self?
Physical Body

Social Self - awareness of how others see you. People can have many social selves because perform many roles. Some of these roles and therefore selves, may be in conflict with each other.

Spiritual Self - thoughts, feelings, moral judgement.
How you see yourself is _____

How you judge yourself is ___

Your unique combination of personality characteristics is _____
Self Concept
How does the self change from early through middle and into late adolescence?
Self in Early Adolescence is defined in terms of personality characteristics, emotions, attitudes, and beliefs.

Adolescents realize they act differently with people according to the role they play. During middle adolescence, these contradictions lead to feeling phony.

During Late Adolescence realize its ok to act different according to the situation.
Does the self-concept remain stable during adolescence?
YES. The self-concept remains relatively stable. Individuals may modify their self concept. Parts of the self that are less central to one's self-definition are easier to change.
What is internal locus of control?
The feeling that one is in control of one's life.
What is internal locus of control?
Feeling that you are in control.
What 2 things help an adolescent to have high self esteem?
high internal locus of control

good academic performance
Is self-esteem stable over time?
YES. A 14-year old has the same self esteem at 23 usu.
Is there a difference in male and female self esteem? Is there an alternative interpretation to this study?
Males have > SE than Females especially in early adolescence BUT it may be that boys boast and girls are > modest.
What are the 4 statuses of identity?
Foreclosure - made committments without exploring alternatives.

Diffusion - no committments, no exploration.

Moratorium - no commitments but exploring.

Acheivement - made committments after exploring alternatives.
According to Erikson, what is the positive outcome of adolescence? Negative?
Role Confusion