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succinct (a)
brief; concise
brief; concise
lectern (n)
a reading podium
lurch (v)
an instance of swaying abruptly
loathe (v)
to hate
aversion (n)
a strong dislike
homage (n)
a tribute
render (v)
to cause to become
rend (v)
to rip or tear (apart)
revere (v)
to look up to with respect and awe (e.g. the child revered her mother)
entity (n)
an object of real existence
corporeal (a)
bodily; material, tangible
concession (n)
the act of conceding
concede (v)
to admit
gauge (v)
to measure
stocky (a)
solidly built, sturdy; chunky
strenuous (a)
characterized by vigorous exertion, efforts
brusque (a)
abrupt in manner; curt
curt (a)
rudely brief or abrupt in manner
laconic (a)
short, brief, using few words
pertinacious (a)
stubbornly unyielding
tenacious (a)
holding fast; persistent or stubborn
pertinent (a)
vigilant (a)
watchful or wary; careful
weary (a)
stigma (n)
shame, disgrace, critisism
reproach (n)
oppress (v)
to burden with unjust impositions
subdue (v)
to overpower with force
subjugate (v)
to overpower; conquer
opt (v)
to choose
inconspicuous (a)
hidden, not visible
conspicuous (a)
easily seen or noticed
gyrate (v)
to revolve; whirl
orgy (n)
uncontrolled or immoderate indulgence in an activity
swivel (v)
to spin; turn
petulant (a)
meticulous (a)
extremely or excessively detailed
reprimand (v)
to punish or condemn
gesticulate (v)
to make signs, motions to communicate
nuance (n)
a slight difference; subtlety
conjecture (n)
inference or judgment based on inconclusive evidence; guesswork
retribution (n)
amiss (a)
out of proper order
revelation (n)
disclosure; act of revealing
forsake (v)
to abandon, desert
reclusive (a)
solitary, seclusive
discordance (n)
a clash
confound (v)
to confuse, perplex, bewilder
accumulate (v)
to gather or collect (i.e. to accumulate wealth)
nonchalant (a)
cooly unconcerned; calm, collected, casual
preeminent (a)
eminent above or before others; superior; surpassing
advocacy (n)
active support for an idea or cause etc; especially the act of pleading or arguing for something
abide (v)
to remain, continue, stay
stagnant (a)
motionless, dormant, lifeless, unprogressing
aggress (v)
to assault physically; attack
mousy (a)
like a mouse: meek, timid, drab, colorless, quiet
jaded (a)
worn out, dulled, or wearied as by overwork or overuse
cloy (v)
to cause distaste or disgust by something overly pleasant
expiate (v)
atone, make amends or reparation
coherent (a)
logically connected; consistant
atone (v)
to make amends, as for sin or fault
delirium (n)
a state of extreme excitement or emotion
peripherally (a)
concerned with the periphery; the outside, relatively minor, irrelevent, or superficial
predominant (a)
dominant; having power over others
poignant (a)
strongly affecting feelings
euphoria (n)
unfathomable (a)
difficult or impossible to understand; incomprehensible
reproach (v)
to find fault; blame; censor
relentless (a)
unyielding; not relenting
relent (v)
to soften in feeling, temper, or determination; become mild
enormity (n)
outrageous or heinous in character; atrociousness (e.g. enormity of war crimes)
erroneous (a)
containing error; wrong; mistaken (e.g. an erroneous answer)
abnegate (v)
to refuse or deny oneself; reject; renounce
relinquish (v)
to renounce or surrender
temperance (n)
moderation or self-restraint; self-control
repudiate (v)
to reject as having no authority or binding force; to cast off
detrimental (a)
causing detriment; damaging; harmful
ruinous (a)
bringing or tending to ruin; destructive; disastrous
calimitous (a)
causing or involving calamity; disastrous
calamity (n)
a great misfortune or disaster
ecumenical (a)
general; universal
unctuous (a)
excessively smooth, suave, or smug of ones morals OR oily and greasy
narcotic (a)
painkilling; producing narcosis (stupor or drowsiness); drugging
sanguine (a)
happy, buoyant, enthusiastic
beget (v)
to procreate or generate
skittish (a)
coy (a)
modest, shy, reserved
conflagration (n)
a fire
peregrination (n)
trip, journey, expedition
elucidate (v)
to make lucid or clear; to explain
lucid (a)
clear; comprehensible or intelligble
collegial (a)
characterized by shared responsibility
constellation (n)
a group or configuration
configuration (n)
arrangement of parts
prehensile (a)
adapted for seizing, grasping, or taking hold of something (e.g. a prehensile tail)
avarice (n)
insatiable greed
avian (a)
of or pertaining to birds
melodious (a)
of the nature of or characterized by melody; tuneful
abjure (v)
to renounce, repudiate, or retract
repudiate (v)
to reject as having no authority or binding force
solemn (a)
grave, sober, mirthless
mirth (n)
joy, amusement, laughter
gaiety (n)
gayness, happiness, joy
grave (a)
serious or solemn
amass (v)
to collect together; accumulate
legislation (n)
legislate (v)
to make law; to exercise the function of legislation
exalt (v)
to raise or promote; elevate
elevate (v)
to move up
denigrate (v)
to trash talk
sully (v)
to soil, stain, or tarnish
foible (n)
a minor weakness; a slight flaw or defect
dogged (a)
persistent; stubbornly tenacious (e.g. a dogged worker)
spartan (a)
brave, undaunted
daunt (v)
to intimidate
meddlesome (a)
interfering, intrusive; nosy
addled (a)
boon (n)
a benefit; advantage
deviation (n)
an abnormality
stern (a)
sterile (a)