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obscure, dim, gloomy, dark Jill groped her way down the murky hallway.
sickening, makes you feel sick or turns your stomach; revolting, disgusting If you get sick from something once, you often feel nauseous when you think about that food from that point forward.
hazy, not well defined; cloudy, unclear, shapeless, vague During the campaign, the candidate promised to fight crime, but his plan was nebulous. He could not say whether he would hire more police or support longer jail sentences.
quick and agile in movement or thought; agile, active, quick, clever Jack be nimble, Jack be quick, Jack jump over the candlestick.
someone who has no permanent home and wanders; wanderer, vagrant The Berbers are a tribe of nomads who travel from place to place searching for grassland for their herds.
to tell, let know, give notice; inform, apprise The landlord failed to notify the tenants of the planned demolition of the building.
very fat, corpulent, portly Some obese people suffer from anxiety-induced overeating. Tech Data has lots of obese employees.
offensive and very disagreeable; repellant, offensive, repugnant The last time I went to the movies, an obnoxious person sitting beside me talked loudly during the entire movie.
adj. hard to see; unknown, uncertain; vague, unclear, dubious The references the author made were so obscure, I don't think half the readers knew what he was talking about. v. to hide or make difficult ot find; confuse, becloud Because he didn't want to go to jail, he tried to obscure the fact that he had been embezzling (stealing) money for years.
1. examination attending, watching Close observation of Arnold led Anne to believe that he was hiding something 2. remark, comment Damon amused the class with his witty observation about the teacher's methods.