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The outside edge of a place, the border.
Cardinal Directions
The main directions, north, east, south, and west.
The official name for a mapmaker.
Compass rose
A direction marker on a map that shows the Cardinal directions.
A large land mass above the water on earth.
An imaginary line that divides the world into northern and southern hemispheres. 0 degrees latitude.
Inset Map
A small map within a larger map.
Intermediate Directions
The direction between Cardinal directions: northeast, northwest, southeast, and southwest.
Lines of Latitude
Imaginary lines on the map that run east to west, also called parallels.
Lines of Longitude
Imaginary lines on a map that run north to south, also called meridians.
Map Key
Explains what the symbols on a map stand for.
Map scale
Compares the distance on a map with the distance in the real world.
to move from one area to settle in another.
Prime Meridian
An imaginary line on a map that divides the world into eastern and western hemispheres. 0 degrees longitude
Thematic Map
A map that focuses on one specific idea or theme.