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What was the black plague
it was a disease that killed 20%of europe and was carried by rats. it referrs to the song ring around the rosiey
What were the results of the end of the middle ages
money was established. king gains power while the church looses power
what did money have to do with the church loosing power
the more money you have the less dependent you are in god
what is the defentition of crusades
a series of military expeditions launched by european christians against the muslims
why did the crusades start
christains wanted to control the holy land. pope wanted to increase the power of the christian church. pope wanted to unite europe against a common enemy. pope wanted to protect the byzantine empire
who was the pope that started the crusades
pope urban the third
what were the results of the crusades
it introduced europe to asia and all of its goods and ideas. brought back new ideas such as shipbuilding, medicine, mathamatics, technology, and the idea of MONEY
what was one thing theat the popes and kings argued about
choosing the bishops were one of the things they argued about. because the pope should have the right but the kings wanted there land
what happened as feudilism fell in the middle ages to the lords
before lords thought they were just as powerfull as kings. after feudiliam disinagrates the kings pay people to keep the lords in there place MONEY
what happend when the kings became the main authority (after the lords were put back in there place)
kingdoms gradually became real nations
What did king John do to get him in trouble
he did things for no reason or just because he wanted to. once he took a step too far and disobied the pope. the pope then threw him out of the religion and john ahd to begg to be "let back in"
Whaat was the magna carta
it was a law that limited the kings power over the nobles. this gave way to the first parliment
what did magna carta mean (definition)
the great character
what were the dates of the 100 year war?(start to finsh)
1337 till 1453
What does "Dues vult" mean
it is the will of god
what wa the holy land called
where is present dasy jerusalem
isreal, jordan, and paestine
how long were the crusades
200 years
how many crusades were launched
turks in the 1000's
they conquere the holy land for a little while and try to conquere the byzantine empire
who consideres jerusalem to be there holy land
the christians, the jews, and the Muslims
about how many people were killed in the crusades
about one million
who negotiated a treaty that allowed the christians to make a pilgrimage to jerusalem again
Saladin and King Richard