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What was favored by most large state delegates?
The Virignia Plan
Who was the main author of the Articles of Confederation?
John Dickinson
Who presented the New Jersey Plan?
William Paterson
What law provided an orderly plan for settling land north of the Ohio River?
Land Ordinance of 1785
What Ordinance made provisions for governing Northwest Territory?
Northwest Ordinance
Who refused to attends the Constitutional Convention?
Patrick Henery
Who led the rebellion in September 1786?
Daniel Shays
Who was the first to arrive at the Constitutional Convention?
James Madison
Who was the oldest delegate at the Constitutional Convention?
Benjamin Franklin
What was the solution for counting enslaved persons as people?
Three-fifths compromise
By 1804 every state north of Maryland passed laws to...
Free enslaved African Americans
The Articles of Confederation were approved in about....
four years
In May 1776 Congress urged the colonies to replace their colonial charters with....
After the revolutionary War, many farmers could not....
pay their debts
the writers built safeguards into the Constituion so one branch could not be stronger than the other brances. What is this called?
checks and balances
Rhode island did not send a delegate to the Constitutional Convention because it did not....
want a stronger central government
Under the Varginia Plan, the President would be choosen by the.....
The idea of limiting the power of a ruler was taken from the Magna Carta which was from where?
John Locke wrote that the people have natural right to life, liberty, and
Some people refer to the national government as the...
federal government