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Election of 1856
republican- Fremont democrat- James Buchanan third party- Millard Fillmore
Buchanan won
Election of 1860
democrats- john breckinridge republican- Lincoln fourth- john bell
Missouri Compromise
maine= free state missouri= slave state prohibit slavery in territories above the 36 30 line in the louisiana territory
Wilmot PRoviso
neither congress noir a territory has the right to ban or regulate slavery prohibit slavery in lands acquired in the mexican war
comrpomise of 1850
new mexico territory would have no restrictions on slavery--california as free state--stronger fugitive slave law--slave trade banned in D.C--new mexico and texas border established in favor of new mexico
dred scott case decision
chief justice= roger taney----scott's residence on free soil did not make him ---enslaved person was propert, and fifth amendment prohibits congress to take away property without a cause--congress had no right to prohibit slavery in any territory--36 30 line and popular sovereignty were unconstitutional--constitution protected slavery
lincoln douglas debate
for senators--about slavery
horace mann
head of massachusetts board of education in 1837
dorothy dix
school teacher--worte to the legislature about how mentally ill people were treated
second great awakening
religious movements
Francis Pickens
governor of SC
John C. Calhoun
stong supporter of slavery
kansas-nebraska act
popular sovereignty--vote if free or slave