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What is the Albany plan of union? Who Created it?
The albany plan of union was a plege to perminetly unite all of the colonies. This was written by Benjamin Franklin.
Define articles of confederation
The first national constitution
What was the confederation congress?
The governing body made the the articles of confederation
How was the confederation congress run
all of the 13 states had there own vote
What was the great compramise?
Decided that the public could determine the represenitive in the lower legislature house.
Define Federilism
Gave Federalism gave the national government the right to collect taxes on goods, maintain an army and navy, and coin money.
define delegated powers
powers granted to the government by the consitution
what are checks and balances
Checks and balances make sure that no branch of the government has no more power then any other.
what are the bill of rights
the bill of rights garentee the the people of america get the rights they deserve.