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one (usu. an ex-slave) who farms on a plot of land; pays bac owner of land with $$$ from profits.
a tenant who pays back land owner with a set % of crop
debt peon
one who has to work (i.e. in the fields) to pay back bank after becoming deeply indebted
illegal hanging (by a mob)
institutionalized separation of people by race
vocational training
training in a skill or field of work; job skill
where: slave states
when: 1965-1877
Blacks struggled to find an identity/place in society
14th Amendment
Gave former slaves rights of citizens
15th Amend:
(1870) gave black males the right to vote
Jim Crow System
1883-1960s- deep south- institutionalized segregation
Plessy vs. Ferguson
Supremem Ct.- 1896- "Separate but equal" facilities- enforced Jim Crow laws
Great Migration
1910-1950- deep s. to N (i.e. Chicago)
Benjamin "Pap" Singleton
mid to late 1800s- Southern US- ex. slave- escaped to Canada- went to Detroit, ran boarding house for slaves, went to south, helped slaves get to kansas, helped imrove life for newly freed slaves
Booker T. Washington
1856-1895- Atlanta- Pres. of Tuskagee Institute- spoke, said blacks had to "start at bottom" [agriculture/farming] and that af/am's should wait for whites to come around
W.E.B. DuBois
believed blacks should fight/demand rights- early 20th cent
Robert S. Abbott
early 19000s- Chicago- Editor of Chicago defender- encourged Af/Am's to move to north (helped start gr8 mig.)
John H. Johnson
started an editing company
why did kansas appeal to af/ams after civ. war?
-kansas= new state, fresh start, NEUTRAL STATE
- free/cast land b/c of homestead act
labor union
an organization of waters [who worked in a similar field] who looked out for the interests of one another, esp. pertaining to pay
minister calls out a phrase and congreg. responds with exclamation
america-1909- fought for black rights, supported freed slaves, fought for blacks in ct. issues having to do with race, etc.
National Urban League
US-1911- helped af/am's adjust to north
harlem renaissance
1919- An era of black poets and authors- worked in 'black tower'
AME church
philly- 1787- first black church started after incident of congreg. in anotehr church
brotherhood of sleeping car porters
US- 1925 (1935)- org. of black waiters and train porters.
tuskagee institute
AL- 1881- pioneer school for blacks that trained students to become teachers, farmers, domestic servants, and skilled workers.
langston hughes
dark tower, harlem- 1919, prominent harlem ren. writer
george washington carver-
tukagee- 1881- scientist- discovered 300 used for peanut
mary mcleod bethune
started bethune college in daytona beach- college that trained you ng black women to become teachers
A. philip randolph
US- 20th cent- founded brotherhood of sleeping cars
louis armstrong
new orleans/chicago- 1925- formed a band- most popular af/am. jazz musicians- played cornet
marian wright edelman-
grad. from yale- forceful crusader for black kids- wrote book on black advocacy