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What caused the mining boom to end?
a. Cost too high
b.quality of ore dropped
What did the cowboys get from the Vaqueros?
rope and ride, saddle, spurs, lariat chaps
What are Vigilantes?
they were people who took the law into their own hands. They caught suspected criminals and punished them without a trial.
What did the indian use buffalo for?
they used the buffalo for food, shelter, clothing, and tools and bowls and cooking fuel
What did the treaties have in common?
They all took away the Native american's land.
What were the battles won by the Indians?
Battle of little big horn, Sand creek, Fetterman Masscare
What did the Dawes Act do? And why did it fail?
To encourage Native Americans to give up their land and become farmers.

It failed becuase Many didn't have the tools or money and experience. Not many wanted to be a farmer.
Problems faced by the women in the west.
loneliness, rarely saw neighbors, harshness of life
How the myth of the west was created.
it was created by serious novels , myths of larger then life west,shows, dime novels.
role of the government in the settlement of the west.
Grabbed land from Native Americans, encouraged settlers to dig for gold (?)
What was the homestead act?
Gave farmers 160 acres of land. Had to agree to improve and live on land for 5 years.
What ethnic groups settled on the Great Plains?
Swedes, Germans, Norwegians, Russians, Ukrainians and freedmen.
Problems face by the settlers
Land was treeless, forced to build homes from sod, fuel-cowchips, dig for water, hailstorms, tornados, fires, drought, grasshopper.
Inventions that helped settle the west
barbed wires
steel plow
water pumper
Why farm prices fell
Farmers began to be more efficiant and grew more and more crops.
populist party
a.k.a People's party.

Wanted goverment to adopt a free silver policy unlimited silver coins.
grange- a.k.a Patrons' of husbandry

Main purpose at first had been to meet the social needs of farm families.

Then they formed the

Cooperatives- org. owned and run by families. Bought supplies in bulks. So farmers could keep more of their earnings.
What played an important role in the settlement to the west?
What caused the cow industry to grow?
before there were railroads, they cattlers only sold cattles to nearby farmers, now with railroads they can ship it to where ever they want.
Why was the myth of the old west so popular?
it was popular becuase to the amercians, the weset had become a larger then life place. Where brave people went out to test their courage.