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What are the important dates?
Minoan Civilization 2000 - 1450 BC
Mycenean Civilization 1450 - 1150 BC
Dark Ages 1150 - 800 BC
Archaic Period 800 - 500 BC
Classical Period 500 - 300 BC
Main events in the remaking of Greek Civilization..
When the greek city-states emerged
Iron-working was introduced
Start of the Economic Revival
Evidence from burials shows that Greeks were wealthier by about 900 BC
The Monarchies
All the Greek city states began as monarchies
They were ruled by a hereditary king
Many were overthrown
Oligarchy or rule by few emerged
Rule by few
The oligarchies were made up of the wealthiest citizens of the state
Most oligarchies ruled absolutely, had many of the powers granted to a king
Most of the early oligarchic governments (and a few of the kings) were overthrown by tyrants
Swept into power by dissatisfaction or crises
Often extremely popular leaders when they assumed the tyranny
Once in power, they ruled as a king would rule
Many attempted to make the tyranny hereditary (a form of monarcy)
Maintained power only by their hold on military force and often fear
Highly unstable and they fell apart rapidly
Several oligarchies were replaced by democracy - "rule by the demos(people)"
Growing populations around the city-states casued overcrowding
Colonies and trading posts made the city-states wealthy and powerful