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The Gathering Storm
the Compromise of 1850-Fugitive Slave Law 1850- Publication of UNcle Tom's Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe-1854
On the Brink of War
Dred Scott Decision- 1857
Abe Lincoln elected president- 1861
The Compromise of 1850
1850, CA requested admission to U.S. balance of pwoer in Senate would be threatened- 1849 15 free & 15 slave states balance be broken- seemed possible Oregon, Utah, and new Mexico might join Union as free states- southerners feared might be outvoted in the Senate; suggested might want to secede
Henry Clay
Kentucky- "Great Compromiser" proposed CA would be free Mexican Territory can choose to be free/slave state
Daniel Webster
Massachusettes- he gave the &th of March speech and approved the compromise
Stephen Douglas
Illinois- ran against Lincoln for senator and won
John C. Calhoun
South Carolina- very sick during compromise
Compromise of 1850 included five parts
California would be admitted as a free state- buying and selling slaves prohibited in DC- Fugitive Slave Law would require the return runaway slaves- Mexican Cession would decide to be free/slave states- slaves would still be legal in DC
Fugitive Slave Law of 1850
law that helped slave owners recapture runaway slaves- people accused of being fugitives under this law could be held without an arrest warrant- no right to trial with a jury- special courts would get $10 if you gave a slave back to owner and $5 if defendent was released
South's reaction
the liked it because they thought slaves were property
North's reaction
in a moral delema
Underground Railroad
a system of houses that went up to Canada