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The Reign of Amenhotep III (Akenaton's father)
1.)He was the grandson of Thutmose III.

2.)He probably became pharaoh between the ages of 6- 12.

3.)He did not to many military campaigns.

4.)He did lots of vast building projects such as making Karnak bigger and the Colossi of Memnon.

5.)He traded a lot.

6.)He lived very lavishly. He loved to party and celebrate.

7.)He began to honor a minor god named the Aton. He did this to take away power from the Amon priests.

8.)Died after 39 years of rule.
Why did the Aton become so popular?
1.)Amenhotep III was trying to take power away from the Amon priests.

2.)Foreigners, especially noble’s brides, could easily understand the sun god, (the Aton). They didn’t have to learn all the gods.

3.)The Aton represented a single unifying god and could bring the empire together.

4.)Akhenaton was obsessed.
5 Way Akhenaton took power away from the Amon Priests
1.)Changed the city of Thebes (Amon) to the city Amarna (The city of the Brightness of Aton)

2.)Leaves Thebes and builds a new city called Akhentaten. (Amarna.)

3.)Changes his name from Amenhotep IV to Akhenaten.

4.)Disbands the entire Amon Priesthood and closes Karnak. (he also claims all of the priest’s possessions.

5.)Amon’s name was erased from everything.
Reasons why people went with him to Akhenaton
1.)Some people really believed in the Aton.

2.)Bribery. He offered them new homes, palaces, and tombs.

3.)The Pharaoh was a god. Whatever he said, they did.
The Reign of Akhenaton
1.)Makes a new city.

a. Called it Akhentaten, the “City of Horizon”.

b. Most public buildings were roofless and open- air. Not like the dark and gloomy buildings at Karnak.

c. Religious ceremonies were held each day. Sunrise, noon, and sunset.

2.)Introduces new art form.

a. Insisted on sculptures and paintings to be lifelike and not idealized the way they had been for 1,500 years.

3.)His decline.

a. He was not interested at all in Egypt. He was consumed in worship of his god the Aton.

b. The Hittites began to attack the northern provinces of Syria and Palestine. (Amarna tablets)

c. The tax collectors and armies were out of control. No one was around to lead them.

d. The Amon priests were meeting secretly to plan his overthrow.