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3 periods of Roman history
monarchy,the republic,empire
kings were sometimes called
after romulus, rome was ruled by 6 kings. the last king was a hated tyrant named
After Tarquinis was thrown out a republic was established by
the wealthy landowners
a political system in which a group of citizens elect representatives and officers
a republic
a republic are sometimes
rome was not a democracy because only the
wealthy, powerful families belonged to the senate.
2 most important positions in the republic were the
consuls and the dictators
when Rome had an extreme emergency,
dictators were appointed
wealthy class known as
common people(traders, workers, peasants)
were called plebeians
until 493 BC plebeians could not hold office. then they were given representatives called
Tribunes, who were able to set a list of procective laws
,during this time rome was very powerful. they fought many wars with neighboring countries. they controlled
italy, greece, part of spain and Gaul which is now france
rome fought in 3 wars over a 100 yera period with Carthage in Northern Africa. Thses wars were called the
Punic wars
the roman empire began when a war hero
named Julius Ceasar came to power.Julius Ceasar was a
As dictator, he lowered taxes, built buildings and reformed the calendar. his name is
Julius Ceasar
The plebeians and the soldiers liked Ceasar. the patricians did not like him having too much power.a group of Senators decided to
assisinate him . Cearsar was assinated on march 15, 44 B.C.
Ceasar's first son, Octavian, assumed power and became
the first Emperor of Rome
Octavian called himself this mane which means "great"
When Augustus became the emperor, the roman empire started and this time is sometimes called
the age of emperors or Rome's Golden age
emperors were considered
absolute rulers