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Neolithic Revolution
(New Stone Age)
It began when Nomads stoppped roaming & stayed in one place. They farmed & built permanent villages.
primary source
First h;and account told by someone who was there.
Secondary source
info found in textboook. Info about the past told from a 2nd person account
philosophy started in China
major beliefs is evil 2.greed rules man. 3.harsh punishments. 4.strong gov't does better than good gov't.
Religion started in Palenstine
major beliefs God 2.Jesus belief in him will bring u salvation & eternal life 3.the ten commandments
Circus Maximus
Builings in Rome where Chariot races took place.
Chinese religion started as philosophy. major beliefs in harmony with nature.'t unnatural. 3. yield to conflict
Type of Gov't & description
Republic- officals are chosen by the people. The Senate dominated the gov't.
religion started in India
major beliefs
1.4 noble truths. 2.karma 3.necessary to meditate. 4.buddha-god. 5.non violence
Lines of Longitude
measures distance East or West of the Prime Meridian.
cultural diffussion
The spread of Cultlures (it's ideas, customs, & technologies) from one people to another. Cultures spread during migration, trade & war.
Type of Gov't-

Description of gov't-
a ruling family
Fornd info from long ago. Object made by human beings.
Lines of Latitude
Measures distance North or South of the Equator
The Coliseum
Ancient Rome building where gladiators fight each other or animals, sometimes to the death.
person who studies info & artifacts to learn about the past & how people lived
Type of Gov't & Description
Monarchy-had 2 ruling kings & concil of elders. Citizens were the assembly & approved major decisions.
Type of Gov't & Description 1.Monarchy-king or queen rule 2.Aristocracy-priveleged minority or upper class. 4.Democracy-people have power
philosophy started in China
major beliefs 1.accept place in society 2.take care of your duties. 3.filial piety important.(respect parents)
religion started in Egypt
major beliefs
1.monotheism 2.torah 3.the ten commandments 4. all people are equal
religion started in India
major beliefs
1.non-violence 2.belief in Karma 3. belief in Caste System