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Explain how the people of the Great Lakes region depend on the physical environment to satisfy their basic needs.
Good transportation and nearby natural resources help bring industries to the cities.
The ______________ River is the longest river in the U.S.
The Masabi Range is located near what lake?
Lake Superior
the movement of many people who leave one country or region to settle in another
List the 5 Great Lakes.
Lake Huron
Lake Ontario
Lake Michigan
Lake Erie
Lake Superior
a spiritual leader
List the 10 states the Mississippi River go past or through.
Minnesota Kentucky
Wisconsin Tennessee
Iowa Arkansas
Illinois Mississippi
Missouri Louisiana
Describe the impact of the assembly line on production of goods and services and how it was made possible.
It made mass production possible which meand goods could be made quicker and cheaper.
The Great Lakes were formed by a ____________ thousands of years ago.
capital resources
the money, a building, a machine or a tool needed to run a business
The many navigable rivers and leakes has helped the Middle West become a leading center of
a large flat-bottomed boat used on rivers and other inland waterways
a large raft made of boards that are all tied together
Name one reason Detroit became a center for the automobile industry.
Because the rivers and lakes made it easy to ship steel to Detroit.
Why would an industry want to be located near the natural resources it uses?
it lowers the cost of transporting the resource
What are the three factors of production?
natural resources
human resources
capital resources
The Illinois Water Way and the Illinois River connect Lake MIchigan with what river?
The MIssissippi River
The ____________ was cheaper to use on the rivers at that time.
mass production
a way of manufacturing in which many goods that are alike can be made quickly and cheaply
How did flatboats move along the rivers?
The flatboats had to move down stream.
The ___________ was the fastest boat to use at that time.
Many Pioneers used rivers as _______________ to carry them and their belongings west.
Rivers have always been important to travel and ___________
HOw are most manufacturing goods made today?
they are made on assembly lines.
Why were steel mills built along the Great Lakes?
Both iron ore and coal were found in nearby states.
assembly line
a line of workers along which a product moves as it is put together one step at a time
Robert Fluton made the first money making steamboat called the ____________
Today most goods moving on the Mississippi River are transported by what?