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Why did the early people of the Italian peninsula not trade much with outsiders?
They did not have good harbors.
What is one important thing that the Romans borrowed from the Greeks?
building methods
What happened on the Ides of March in 44B.C. ?
Julius Caesar, a Roman dictator was stabbed to death.
What was the main purpose of the Roman road system?
to help the legions move quickly from province to province
According to legend, who founded the city of Rome?
the twins Romulus and Remus
What did Augustus do to help strengthen the Roman government?
He passed laws to give more people citizenship.
When did Rome gain control of territory outside of Italy?
during the Punic War
The rule of Augustus Caesar marked the end of the....
Roman Republic
What was the name of the dictator whose death marked the end of the Roman Republic?
Julius Caesar
What did Augustus ask Roman writers and artists to do?
He wanted them to create works that would stir the people's patriotic feelings.
What is one of Emperor Constantine's accomplishments?
He made Christianity an accepted religion.
Why was Rome built along the Tiber River?
the land had good soil for farming
Why did the Punic Wars happen?
Both Rome and Carthage wanted to control sea trade in the western Mediterranean
Many of the gods and beliefs of whom were included in Roman religion?
What happened to the christians who refused to worship Roman gods?
They were arrested and persecuted.
What happened to the christians who refused to worship Roman gods?
They were arrested and persecuted.
What happened to the christians who refused to worship Roman gods?
They were arrested and persecuted.
What does the Greek word christos mean?
What happened when constantine moved the capital to Byzantium?
The power and importance of Rome declined.
What important thing did Scipio do?
He defeated Hannibal during the Punic Wars.
Why did the Romans develop the aqueducts?
to carry water from wells
When did a "Roman Peace" spread across the Roman Empire?
when Augustus was the leader
What are the three main groups tied to the early history of Rome?
Latins, Etruscans, and Greeks
What made the Christians hold on strongly to their beliefs?
Their persecution by the Romans
When were all men granted the freedom the follow the Christian religion?
under the rule of Emperor Constantine
What makes up the Italian peninsula?
great harbors and rugged mountains
What were the 12 Tables?
They were written laws which governed the empire.
What was the senate?
It was the governing body that advised the consuls.
What is a dictator?
The dictator is an absolute of the empire in times of emergency.
What was the consul?
He was one of two people elected every year who led the army and served as a judge.
What were the representatives of the plebeians called. What could they do?
They were called tribunes.
They could veto laws to protect the plebeians.
Tell about the Punic Wars
Rome and Carthage fought 3 wars called the Punic Wars

* They both wanted to control the sea trade in western Mediterranean

Rome won the first Punic War.
More information about the Punic Wars
Hannibal, the leader of Carthage attacked Rome. He almost beat Rome.
Scipio, a Roman general, defeated Carthage at the Battle of Zuma. In the third Punic War, the city of Carthage was destroyed.