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a soldier who conquered the lands for Spain
the movement of people, plants, animals, and germs across the Atlantic Ocean
Columbian Exchange
a settlement that is ruled by another country
a journey made for a special purpose
a huge piece of land, often including several indian villages
Viking explorer who found Vinland
Leif Ericson
Explorer who reached the Americas and met the Taino
Conquistador who defeated Atahualpa and the Incas
The Aztec leader in 1502, also known as "the Younger."
Moctezuma II
A man who defended the rights of the Indians
Bartolome de las Casas
Conquistador who defeated the Aztec
An African Slave who established a town called San Lorenzo de los Negros
Explorer who was looking for the fountain of youth and found Florida instead
Ponce de Leon
Became the first European to see the Mississippi River
De Soto
Explorer who sailed around the tip of South America, his crew was first to complete a voyage around the world
Explorer who searched for the Seven Cities of Gold in Southwest US and instead found the Grand Canyon
Explorer who crossed Central America and was first to discover the Pacific Ocean
The first Spanish explorer responsible for finding Texas
Cabeza de Vaca
Name a bad effect of the Columbian Exchange.
brought disease to the Americas
Name two ways Cortes was able to defeat the mighty Aztec.
1. got Aztec enemies to help him
2. had better weapons
Name two ways the Spanish built their empire.
1. used Indians to work on econmiendas
2. brought African slaves to help
How did Bartolome de las Casas go about helping the Indians?
He gave up his economeinda and devoted his life to ending that system and protecting Indian rights (Catholic Priest).