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This mountain range found in almost every state of the northeast. They were formed by glaciers which gave them their more rounded tops.
Appalachian Mountains
What are the names of the two groups of states in the Northeast Region?
New England States
and the
Middle Atlantic States
The longest marked footpath in the workd that runs from Georgia to Maine.
Appalachian Trail
A huge sheet of ice that slowly moves across the land.
The line where the hard rock of the mountains and the plateau meets the softer rock of the Coastal Plains.
Fall Line
One of the first largest mills was located here.
Lowell, Massachusetts
A sudden, major change
When new power-driven machines replaced hand tools.
As a result, goods could be made quicker and in greater numbers.
Industial Revolution
Leaves found in the Northeast that are mostly wide. For example: maples, oaks, willows, and hickory.
The leaves on these trees are long and thin like needles and do not change color in autumn. Examples: pines, firs, and spruces.
Why do tourists often come to the Northeast in autumn.
To see the colorful countryside.
A measure of how far north or south a place is from the equator.
Another name for lines of latitude
These are used to measure the distance on the Earth's surface.
Imaginary lines on a map or globe that measure distances east of west of the prime meridian.
The first line or starting place for measuring lines or longitude.
prime meridian
A word that means "first".
Another name for lines of longitude.
The grid on a map that helps you find a location.
global grid
a part of an ocean or lake that cuts deeply into the land
a place where boats can dock.
The largest bay on the Atlantic Coast. It stretches almost 200 miles north to south. It is an important source of many kinds of fish.
Chesapeake Bay
The business of raising fish in watery "farms"