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With which continents were the people of Asia making contact with in the late 1400s?
Africa and Europe
What were some events that might have been caused by the meeting of peoples from the East and West?
Exchange of:
*other items
What goods were exchanged along the Silk Road?
Silk from Asia was traded for oranges, gold, and horses
Why do you think few traders traveled the entire Silk Road?
The distance between its beginning and end was huge. There was also deserts and mountains that lay between the beginning and end.
How did the magnetic compass help sailors?
It enabled the sailors to find the cardinal directions of N & S on the open seas and across deserts along the silk road.
What natural and human-made features helped protect China from invasions?
Himalayas Mountains to the West
Great Wall to the North
Pacific Ocean to the East
Gobi Desert to the South
To where were most caravans headed?
The Kingdom of Songhai
How did African rulers maintain power?
By conquering and enslaving the people
African slaves were often treated as...
family members
What might have been some effects of Sunni Ali's religious tolerance?
People were more willing to trade and brought more goods and ideas and people
How would you describe the city of Gao?
Full of craftworkers and artists
What were some subjects studied in Timbuktu?
What was the important link between Europe and Asia in the 1400s?
Why did Europeans want spices?
to preserve food
Why might goods transported by sea been cheapter than goods transported by land?
-directly back to Europe
-prices did not go up as much because it was traded fewer times
Where did Dias sail in 1488?
around the southern tip of Africa (Cape of Good Hope)
Who was the first Portuguese to reach Asia?
Vasco da Gama