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what does EMPEROR mean?
Ruler of an empire
What does FREEDMAN mean?
Former slaves that were set free by their master of DOMINUS
What does CENSUS mean?
A CENSUS means a popularity count done every few months
What does TARIFFS mean?
A TARIFF is a tax put on anything that enters one country from a forgien country
What does JURIS PRUDENTES mean?
JURIS PRUDENTES means a Roman Lawyer
What does DOMUS mean?
A DOMUS is a Roman House for the rich
What is a GLADIATOR and What does a GLADIATOR do?
A GLADIATOR is a someone who fights for the publics enter tanement and the GLADIATORS are there because it gives the Romans some entertainment
What does INFLATION mean?
INFLATION means a period of time when prices of products go up and the value of money goes down
What does BARTER mean?
BARTERING is trading goods without paying for them
How did AUGUSTUS rule Rome?
Augustus was the first emporor of Rome

He was a consul, tribune, high priest, and senetor

He brang back the original religion of Rome

He had every soldier in the Army sware their allegience to him face to face

He gave enslaved people to be part of the government

He governed the land that Rome had already conquered and didnt conquer any forgein lands himself

he set up a fire bregade and police station
built romes first library

he let Roman citizenship be available to conquered peoples
What was the PAX ROMANIA?
The PAX ROMAMIA was the peace that AGUSTUS brought to the Roman people

The PAX ROMANIA lasted more than 200 years

Rome and its people prospured

The PAX ROMANIA trigered the time when the Roman civization spread and when other cultures mixed with the Roman Culture
How did the Pax Romania affect TRADE in Rome?
Tariffs were taken off foregein products

The mediterranean was cleared of all pirates, which promoted trade by shipping
How did the Pax Romania affect LAW in Rome?
The Twelve Tables were soon changed

Everyone was considered equall in the Laws eyes

A person was innocent untill proven guilty

IN 125 A.D. the laws were made to be easyer to rule such a large land. This was called STANDARDIZING
How many people were there in Rome?
about 1 million people
True or False
There was to little housing in Rome
True or False
The air was polluted
True or False
The streets were free of crime
False the streets were full of crime
Was the cost of living high?
True or false
alot of romans didnt have jobs
True or False
THe Romans had to pay taxes on almost everything
Poor Romans lived in Apartment buildings called...
The fathers of the household could...
arrange their kids marriges
true or false
roman girls and boys went to school together untill they were 12 years old
The bathhouses of ancent Rome werent just for taking hot, cold or steam baths there the Romans could...
work out at one of the gyms, read in the libraries and or watch games in the stadium