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Who invented the sewing machine in 1846.
Elias Howe
Which inventor demonstrated a reliable steamboat in 1807.
Robert Fulton
A fast sailing ship with slender lines, tall masts, and large square sails
clipper ship
Who designed and built the first American steam locomotive in 1830. Called the Tom Thumb.
peter cooper
An apparatus that used electric signals to transmit messages.
who invented the telegraph and morse code
samuel morse
a series of dots and dashes representing the letters of the alphabet
morse dot
who invented the steel-tipped plow
John Deere
Who invented the reaper
Cyrus Mc Cormick
Organizations of workers with the same trade, or skill
trade unions
refusing to work in order to put pressure on employers
an unfair opinion not based on facts
unfair treatment of a group
An extreme shortage of food
A person who favors those born in his country and is opposed to immigrants
The nativists formed secret anti-Catholic societies, and in the 1850s they joined to form a new political party the American Party. What was the American Party called?
the Know- Nothing Party.
what states were in Upper South
Maryland, Virginia, and North carolina
Which states were in the deep south
georgia, south carolina, alabama, mississippi, louisianna, and texas
who invented the cotton gin in 1793?
Eli Whitney
A machine that emoved seeds from cotton fiers, dramatically increasing the amount of cotton that could be processed.
cotton gin
money to invest in business
what did you call the farmer who did not have slaves who made up the largest group of whites in the South
What did you call southern whites who rented land and worked on the land on landlord's estates
tenant farmers
what did plantations have that had regular expenses such as housing and feeding workers and maintaining cotton gins and other equipment
fixed costs
A form of loan
What do you call a person who supervises a large operation or its workers.
An African American religious folk song
The laws in the Southern States that controlled enslave people
slave codes
Communities based on a vision of a perfect society
who were the only group who had sucecesfully had and stayed a utopia
What did you call in the early 1800s a wave of religious fervor
Second Great Awakening
A series of meetings conducted by a preacher to arouse religous emotions
a Conneticut minister and crusader against the use of alchol.
Lyman Beecher
Drinking little or no alcohol.
A period of time when Maine passed a law in 1851 banning the maufacture and sale of alcoholic beverages.
Temperance Movement
Who was the person who wanted to lengthen the school year.
Horace Mannn
What do you call a school for training high-school graduates as teachers.
normal school
Who was a man who developed a method to educate people who were hearing impaired, opened the Hartford School for the Deaf in Conneticut in 1817.
Thomas Gallaudet
Who was a man who helped people who were visually impaired.
Dr. Samuel Gridley Howe
Who was a school teacher who began visiting prisons in 1841.
Dorthea Dix
Any of a grup of New England writers who tressed the relationship between human being and nature.
Who was a person who blieved into practice through civil disobedience- refusing to obey the laws he thought were unjustice. who was the guywho went to jail rather than pay a tax to support the mexicna war
Henry David Thoreau
Members of the growing band of reformers who worked to abolish, or end, slavery
Who was a group formed in 1816 by a group of white virginians worked who worked to free enslaved workers gradually by buying them from slaveholders and sending them abroad to start new lives
American Colonization Society
Where did the first african American settlers arrived in where
The was the guy who wrote the newspaper The Liberator
William Llyod garrison
who were the first 2 woman to speak out publicly against slavery
The Grimke Sisters
Sara and Angelina Grimke
Who was the most widely known African American abolitionist, who was born enslaved in Maryland
Federick Douglass
what did isabelle baumfree change her name to
Sojourner Truth
What was the network of escape routes from the South to the North
Underground Railroad
what did the seneca falls convention base their issue their declaration on
Declaration of Independence
The right to vote
What was the period of time during the 1800s women held several national conventions.
women's right movement
the teaching of boys and girls together
the daughter of a quaker abolitionist in rual new york, who worked for equal pay for women, college training for girls, and coeduction
susan b anthony
Who was a women who was hoping to study medicine but was turned down by more than 20 schools
elizabeth blackwell
Who was Elijah Lovejoy
Lovejoy edited an abolitionist newspaper in illinois. three times angry whites invaded his offices and wrecked his presses. The forth time the mob set fire to the building. When lovejoy came out of the building he was shot and killed.