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The Golden Age of Greece was a time of great what?
prosperity (wealth)
Where was Macedonia in relationship to Greece?
To the north
Who was king of Macedonia?
Phillip II
What do you call a group of soldiers lined up in rows to form a tight block?
In the area of southern Greece, Sparta and other city-states formed an alliance. What was this called?
Peloponnesian Alliance
What job did most Macedonians have?
farmers and herders
What happened to Phillip in 338 B.C.?
He was assassinated (killed).
Who took Phillip's place when he died?
Alexander, his son
Who eventually won the Peloponnesian War?
By 333 B.C. Phillip had contolled all of Greece except what city-state?
What did each soldier carry?
a spear and a shield
What was the plan Pericles had for saving the city of Athens from Sparta?
He ordered his army to remain withing the city protected by its thick walls.