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What was the main purpose of teh Iroquois Confederacy?
To keep peace
Which state were the first battles of the American Revolution fought?
They were fought in Massachusssettes.
What are sweatshops?
Sweatshops are crowded factories where immigrants worked
What caused the suburbs to grow?
There were new forms of transportation so people could commute to work.
What city did the Patriots first clash with the British Soldiers?
When immigrants wanted to go to New York City, the first had to stop at what island to make sure they were allowed to enter the U.S.?
Ellis Island
Where did the leaders of the Iroquois Confederacy meet?
They met at Onadoga.
What is the name given to Northeast's megalopolis?
What is the name of a community just outside a city.
A suburb.
What means "the number of people who live in a place"?
The poplulation.
What is the name of a group of cities that are very close together?
What is the name of a person who is a member of the Iroquois Council?
What do we call soldiers who promised to be ready to respond to an attack quickly?
We call them minutemen.
What do we call a cramped, unsafe apartment?
It is a tenement.
What is another name for a city?
urban area
Many immigrants entered through_____________ before going to New York.
Ellis Island
What do we call a community just outside a city?
Why did the cities population grow when we had the Industrial Revolution?
People moved to the cities to get a job since more jobs were available.
George Washington had an important role in the American Revolution. What was this role?
George Washington was a General or leader in the American Revolution.