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What happened with the English's first attempt to start a colony?
The colony failed because of hunger and hardship. They were friends at first with the Indians, but then they killed the leader. They did not receive any more help from the Indians after this.
What happened in the second attempt by the English, to start a colony?
Raleigh appointed John White governor. One hundred men, women and children came over. John White returned to England for more supplies. When he returned, all he found was the word "Croatoan" on a tree. Everyone had disappeared.
What was the Dutch India Company?
Merchants who helped pay for voyages in hopes of gaining profits.
What was the Jamestown Colony?
The Jamestown colony was founded along the James River by the Virginia Company.
What were three problems with the Jamestown settlement?
1. salt water
2. swampy land
3. mosquitos that carried disease
What three things changed the Jamestown Colony for the better?
1. growing tobacco - wealth
2. marriage of John Rolfe and Pocahontas "Peace of Pocahontas"
3. House of Burgesses - laws
Why did the pilgrims come to the new world?
Religious freedom
What were the hardships that the Pilgrims faced?
- cold, harsh winter
- disease
What were the accomplishments of the pilgrims?
- grew crops
- homes
- colony with government