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What was the main trade route between China and Europe called?
Silk Road
The period of time after the Zhou dynasty fell, when city-states and nobles were fighting against each other was known as the ___________.
Warring States period
Name three things invented during the Han dynasty.
1. paper
2. wheelbarrow
3. seismograph (detects earthquakes)
Which emperor built the Great Wall?
Shi Huangdi
In ancient China, Legalism taught that people should obey a ruler because they ____________.
fear him
How did Gao Zu win the loyalty of the peasants?
He lowered their taxes.
Which dynasty lasted longer than any other in China's history?
Zhou dynasty
Peasants under the Zhou dynasty were allowed to farm a noble's land if they promised to serve as ________ if needed.
Why was the Great Wall sometimes called the "wall of tears?"
The building of the wall took many lives. More than 500,000 people died while working on it.
Name at least four ways China benefitted from the Silk Road trade route.
China gained horses, ivory, grapevines, gold, and increased their wealth by trading silk for other items.
Shi Huangdi was ______ old when he became king of the Qin.
13 years
Why was the Great Wall built with such a wide road on top?
The wide road allowed Shi Huangdi to move his army quickly to meet any attack.
How did Wu Di get the best qualified people to run the government in China?
He developed a system of civil service tests to see who could qualify for the jobs.
Shi Huangdi crushed the power of the _________ by making them move away from their _______. Then he divided the land into ________ districts


In ancient China, Confucianism taught that people should obey a ruler because they _____________.
respect him
A philosopher is someone who studies the meaning of life. Who was the great Chinese philosopher?
When the Shang tried to conquer the Zhou city-states, they were defeated. Why?
The weapons of the Shang were no match for the iron weapons the Zhou had developed.