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What is the Mayflower Compact and why was the Mayflower Compact written?
Document that created a new political society signed by the piligrims.pilgrims landed to far from current government in virginia so tehy created Mayflower compact
What is a covenant?
sacred agreement w/ God
why were the Puritans known as dissenters?
they opposed Egland's official religion
Where did the Puritans want to establish an ideal Christian community?
in Massachutes
What was the Powhatan Confederacy?
powerful alliance of all gonquian indians. helped the jamestown people grow food
Who attacked and burned Jamestown?
Nathanal Bacon
Who is William penn, what colony did he establish and why did he establish this colony?
was a Quaker.he established pennsylvania. that would provide a safe home 4 the quakers and offer religious freedom
Who are the Puritans?
protestants who wanted to reform the Church of Egland
Who are the Separtists?
radical group of puritans who wanted to cut all ties w/ the church of egland . start the own church
Why was the Tolertion Act of 1649 passed?
ease tensions between catholics and protestants in Maryland
What are proprietors
owners of colony who control the government
Why was John Smith important to Jamestown
he helped them make food,homes and work hard
explain the headright system
system set up by the london company in 1618 that gave 50 acres of land to colonists who paid their own way to Virginia
Who was Squanto?
established peace between pilgrim and massasoit
Compare the rights of women in plymouth vs. egland. were they the smae/different? Summerize the rights of women in plymouth?
plymouth-sign contracts,present cases to court, widows could own property and own businesses. plymouth had more rights.
How did the english claim new netherland?
english fleet captured new netherland w/p a shot
what did the colony of pennsylvania offer?
it offered religious't would protect against an abuse of power.
were all africans who immigrated to virginia slaves?
no. some came over as indentured servents
were the puritans and pilgrims allies against religious prosecution?
no had different views
who were the quakers
protestant group belived all people had an inner-goodness
what are indentured servent/
colonists who recived free passage to north america in exchange for working w/o pay for a 4-7 years
what are immigrants
people who move to another country after leaving their homeland
what did roger williams accuse the general court of
taking land from indians w/o payingt them
which religious group moved to the netherlands to freely practice their religion
what was the colony of ner netherland renamed
new york