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Where did most African slaves brought to America settle?
Southern Colonies
What geographical features did the New England Colonies, the Middle Colonies, and the Southern Colonies have in common?
Good coastal harbors
St. Augustine, the oldest city in the United States was a result of exploration by which country?
Samuel Adams, Paul Revere, Thomas Paine all supported ______________ for the colonies.
What was the name of the battle in which the 1st persons were killed fighting for American independence?
Boston Massacre
Which British coloy do the following statement describe?
governed by trustees
named for George II
founded as a debtors colony
Europeans introduced these items to the Indians and changed their lives forever.
horses and guns
Which Act lead a group of colonists to board a British ship in Boston Harbor and dump the cargo overboard?
Tea Act
Why were Crispus Attucks and Nathan Hale well-known people at the time of the American Revolution?
they both died for the cause of independence
The 1st Continental Congress met in response to the ________________ Acts.
What became the theme for the American Revolution?
No taxation without representation
In April 1775, the Revolutionary War began with the "shot that was heard around the world." What does this mean?
the fighting made news in the colonies, Europe, and other parts of the world.
Who founded Savannah?
James Edward Oglethorpe
What Act placed a direct tax on all paper products sold in the colonies?
The Stamp Act
Name the group of people who remained loyal to Britain during the Revolutionary War?
Tory or Loyalist
Why did the British attack Lexington and Concord?
to capture weapons and powder stored by the patriots.
He was a printer in Philadelphia
He invented many things like eyeglasses
He did experiments with electricity and lightning
He helped write the treaty that ended the Revolutionary War
Benjamin Franklin
Patrick Henry was a famous American colonist who said, "Give me liberty or give me death" Which group would have supported Ptarick Henry?
Our calendar has 365 days in each year. What is this calendar based on?
Orbit of the Earth around the sun
A person whose loyality was with the colonists was called a ________________.
What was the relationship between cotton production and the slave population?
to produce more cotton, more slaves were needed
People who agreed in a contract to come to the colonies and work for a certain time period in exchange for payment of passage were called?
indentured servents
What was the reason for the Declaration of Independence?
to tell England why the colonies thought they should be independent
What would you most likely find in an atlas?
The early method of government and lawmaking in New England was __________.
Town Meeting
The 4th of July is an important celebration in the United States because it represents ________________.
the signing of the Declaration of Independence
Which of the groups of British colonies had the longest growing season?
Southern Colonies
What was the chief motivation of new England's settlers to come to the new world?
Escape religious persecution and form a religious community
A basic idea stated in the Declaration of Independence is that that the power to govern a nation should come from the _________________.
Two turning points of the Revolutionary War were:
Battle of Saratoga, Battle of Yorktown
Who was appointed commander of the Continental Army?
George Washington
Who was a leader of the Boston Tea Party?
Samuel Adams
Who was the main writer of the Declaration of Independence?
Thomas Jefferson