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What are the four Calvin laws?
1. Eveyone should be able to read the bible (free acess) 2.No wickedness (dancing, cards) 3.No rude songs 4. Nine o'clock cerfew
Three types of Protestant?
Calvinist, Lutheran, Anglicain
What did Martin Luther nail to the Church door?
His ninety five theses
What did Luther burn in public?
The bull issued by Pope Leo. This bull excomunitcated Luther.
Why did people want to be protestant?
High Church taxes (tithes),Scandalous pope, Poor were unfairly taxed, god saves through faith, not money
How did Martin Luther spread Protestantism
He used the printing press to print the bible into several langues. He gave many speeches.
How did the Catholics try to stop Protestantism?
1.Threaten exomunication
2. Massacured followers
The church put people put people on trial and killed them
St. Bartholemeows Massacure
The queen of framce is at a wedding and she ordered all the protestant at the wedding to be killed started a seven year long religious war
King Henrey the eighth
Started the protesant church in England
Leonardo da Vinci
1452-1519 He was a famous painter (mona lisa), wrote a textbook on human anatomy, and was the first to design a helicopter, tank, parachute, and a flying machine.
(1564-?)He created an improved telescope and proved copernicus's theroy that the sun was the center. He was sentanced to house arrest for this theroy
(1475-1564) He was suclpter(David), painter(sistine chapel). He got in a fight with the pope and broke his nose
He wrote THE PRINCE, which disagreed witht the Humanist belief that people could change themself
A famous play writer
the place in whicha person's soul was thought to suffer until all sins were punished
giving jobs to undeserving people. hiring friedns, family and people who pay you money
He wrote many books where he was critical of the church, priests, bishops, cardinals, and the pope
a cancellation of punishment for sins paying for priests to remove your punishment
Black death
bubonic plague that kill 25 million people
a city and the rural area immediately surroundong it
the area surrounding a hinteralnd. it provides food and other nesessties
Flying butress
an archway surrounding a wall