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A learned system of shared beliefs and ways of doing things that guide a person’s daily behavior
culture region
Area of the world in which people share certain culture traits
culture traits
Elements of culture such as dress
ethnic groups
Cultural groups of people who share learned beliefs and practices
A mixture of different cultures within the same country or community
A group of people who share inherited physical or biological traits
The process of cultural changes that result from long-term contact with another society
A word, shape, color, flag, or other sign that stands for something else
Seeing differences in another culture as inferior
The growing of a plant or taming of an animal by a people for their own use
subsitnence farming
A type of farming in which farmers grow just enough food to provide for themselves and their own families
commercial farming
A type of farming in which farmers produce food for sale
A highly complex culture with growing cities and economic activity
developing countries
Countries in different stages of moving toward development
third-world countries
Developing countries that lack economic opportunities
free enterprise
An economic system in which people, not government, decide what to make, sell, or buy
market economy
An economy in which consumers help determine what is to be produced by buying or not buying certain goods and services
command economy
An economy in which the government owns most of the industries and makes most of the economic decisions
tradition based economy
Exchange of goods or services based on custom and tradition
mixed economy
An exchange of goods and services based on at least two other types of economic systems
one-crop economy
Economy based on a single crop, such as bananas, sugarcane, or cacao
literacy rate
Percent of people who can read and write
Process in which connections around the world increase and cultures around the world share similar practices
popular culture
Widely shared beliefs, tastes, goals, and practices
People who flee to another country, usually for economic or political reasons
A great shortage of food
humanitarian aid
Medicine, food, and shelter that international relief agencies give to people in need
Periods when little rain falls and crops are damaged