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What occurred on the first day of the olympic games?
sacrifices to the gods and the athletes vowed they were able to partcipate in the games and that they would obey the olympic rules while competing
What did the victors of the olympics games all recieve?
statues erected in their honor
parades in their home town
choice seats at all public spectacles
exempt from paying taxes
carved states placed in prominent places
cash reward
what was common in greek homes?
inexpensive materials
varied from 2 or 3 rooms to a dozen or so
main rooms in larger houses: kitchen, small room for bathing, bedrooms on 2nd floor, mens dining room and rooms for the women
furniture:chairs stools couchs tables chests boxes baskets
what was the role of the women in the archaic period?
bearing and raising the children
running and supervising the household
harvesting olives and fruit and gathering of vegetables
spinning weavind and sewing the familys clothes
What did warfare between neighboring greek states normally result in?
limited to destroying the agricultural basis
extremely bloody
whole populations were not killed
destruction of cities was avoided
wars were between march and oct when the wealthier allowed it
what did a typical soldier in the greek army have?
bows and arrows
sling propelled pellets
what did the increase in trade during the archaic period result in
need for living space and new markets
what did the majority of maufacturing in ancient greece involve
most worker were slaves
When it came to death what did the greeks believe?
his or her vital breath or psyche left the body to enter the palace of hades king of the dead
What characteristics did the polis include?
protector and patron
seperate states had close interaction with on another during this time
learned political organization for one another
developed unique and independant cultures and political organizations
what events were included in the olympics?
100 bulls slaughtered
total of 14 contests over 4 days
divided into clases: phsical and horse and chariot