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What is the 1st Amendment?
Freedom of religon, press, and assembly
What is the 2nd ammendment?
Right to bear arms
What is the 3rd amendment?
quartering troops
what is the 4th amendment?
Searches and seizures
What is the 5th amendment?
Rights of accused persons
What is the 6th amendment?
Right to speedy, fair trial
What is the 7th amendment?
Civil Suits
What is the 8th amendment?
Bail and punishment
What is the 9th amendment?
Powers reserved to the people
What is the 10th amendment?
Reserved powers
enumerated powers
powers the constitution specifically gives the national government. conduct foreign affairs, raise/support army, trade with other countries and states.
reserved powers
powers the constitution gives to the states
concurrent powers
powers that the national governments sgare with the states. ensure laws, collect taxes, establish courts
implied powers
congressional powers not stated in the constitution but suggested by the constitutions proper clause. regulate air pollution, set federal min. wage, establish national parks