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1st Gate Post
Above Hidden Bowl, on way to VIP (or Smoothie); gate at ski area boundary (IV)
1st GS Cliffs
Rocks skier's right of lower GS Bowl; next (skier's left) to Downhill Cliffs (II)
1st Saddle Cliffs
1st chute along Saddle Traverse; old "dead tree'; has "Cliff" sign (II)
2nd GS Cliffs
Rocks skier's right of GS (below GS Bowl), and skier's left of accelerator (II)
2nd High Traverse
Gully at end of traverse, immediate skier's right after entering Backside from Emigrant Chair (aka After Lunch Chute (IV)
2nd Gate Post
very far around on Granite Peak traverse; ski area boundary gate (IV)
2nd Saddle Cliffs
2nd chute along Saddle Traverse; old "portal" (II)
Main gully between Oly Lady chair and GS; below Women's downhill (II)
lower shirley lake, trail to avoid lower 5th (goes to Laverne's) (IV)
Adam’s Rib
Ridge between alt strainer and lone pine gully (I)
Ahh Chute
Chute skier's right of rock garden; above Sign Cliffs (II)
Akja Cache Pockets
between summer road pockets and sundance (from road beneath broken arrow ) (III)
lower road from Burkhart's leading to Klammer's Corner (olympic high is upper road) (III)
Alternate Saddle Face
skiers right of Lower Saddle face; to left of sign cliffs (II)
Alternate Strainer
Skier's right of main Strainer entrance (I)
chute off of eagle's nest (II)
American River Traverse
traverse to south from top of Granite Chief; to left as getting off chair (IV)
Arnie's Avalanche
bowl beneath traverse to KT Nose from lower egg carton (II)
Gully between rock pile and little rock pile (IV)
Run out to Squaw Creek chair - below Pablo's Passage; skier's right after Cut Off (I)
Aspen Rip Off
right fork (upper road) from speed cop flats (willow flat is left fork) (II)
open face above little rock pile; access from Backside and then skier's right at cat track; goes into shirley bowl (IV)
Austin's *
chute in rock band climber;s left above bottom of Sliverado chair (V)
Aztec Rock *
Rock outcropping skier' s left loiwer bungee bowl; (V)
Babylon Bob's *
Skier's right of hanging garden; immediately through gate 6 (V)
Trail to Granite Chief from top of Emigrant Chair (IV)
Backside Corner
open area where main backside and crook's gulch come join; leads to exit and bottleneck gully (IV)
Bad *
Middle of three chutes from The Farside; through gate 8 (V)
Bailey's Cirque *
Skier's right of two steep bowls (Beaver bowl is other); access from gate 4 (V)
Bamboo Gully
gully above tower 20 and below upper section of Squaw One Express (III)
Beaver Bowl *
Skier's left of two steep bowls (Bailey's Cirque is other); access from gate 3 (V)
trail to skier's right from below Mambo meadows; extends to Times Square (III)
Belmont Terrain Park
terrain park under belmont lift (IV)
Big Al's
Open face skier's left of Teenage Wasteland; which is right below lower section of Solitude lift (IV)
Big Brothers *
Upper cliff face reached from Bailey's Cirque and Beaver bowl (V)
Big Cornice
ridge trail above CII chutes (eg classic, etc) (III)
open (flattish) area below Montezuma, Lone Pine Gully, & Controversy (I)
Bill's Boardwalk
open run between groove tube (skier left) and yellow trail (skiers right) from below Siberia bowl (III)
Billy's *
Face skier's left of lower Trail 90 (V)
Black Forest
trees below split tree and cork screw; skier's right of backside corner (IV)
Bob the Dog Slog *
flat runout beyond Monte's meadow, leading to trail to Silverado chair (V)
Bottleneck Gully
Skier's left from Backside corner, gully leading to the Granite Chief runout (low meadow) (IV)
Boundary Bowl
bowl before silverado boundary line from Solitude; leads into freeway and juniper hollow (IV)
Break it Out
gully run between rock pile (skier's right) and cork screw (& split tree) (skier's left) (IV)
Broken Arrow
bowl off the backside from Broken Arrow chair (III)
groomed run (usually) from Big Cornice; between enchanted forest (right) and penguin (L) (III)
Bungee Bowl *
Accessed thru gate 5; bowl directly behind bungee tower (V)
skiers left from Siberia lift open area (beyond broken arrow and highcamp lifts) (III)
Burma Chute
Chute off Palisades (III)
Buttress Chute
1st chute off Granite Peak (IV)
Buttress Ridge
climbing ridge from granite chief chair to granite peak (IV)
Cabo’s Corner
180o turn in easy street (where cabo's traverse becomes lower champs (or red dog road)) (I)
Cabo’s Traverse
groomed trail from top of Far East lift to Cabo's corner (I)
bump run, skier's left of echo chamber and skier's right of Magoo's (IV)
Catwalk Chute
chute immediate skier's left at top of Slot; above slot nose; goes to headwall face (III)
Champs Elysees
groomed trail from top of Red Dog chair (west) to troublemaker (I)
Chicken Bowl
skiers right part of Siberia Bowl; access from Headwall chair (III)
Chimney Chute
Chute off Palisades (III)
China Wall *
Cliff band below Tram and Bungee Bowls (V)
Chuck & Bill's
Upper part of GS bowl; directly beneath top of KT chair (II)
Chute 75
chute to skier's left of West Face (II)
Chute 75 Alternate
Chute 75 alternate entry; access from rock garden (II)
CII Flats
open flat area beneath Cornice bowl (III)
Cinema Rock
large rock, mid way down papoose gully; above creature feature (I)
Classic Chute
climber's right most chute beneath CII chair: (R to L) classic, hourglass, tree chutes, horse trails (III)
Coaches’ Corner
area where lower dog leg makes left hand bend (skier) (I)
Coin Op
race course from moira's (IV)
narrow chute accessed by traverse from Arnie's Avalanche; to lower KT Face (II)
face after run out at bottom of strainer (leads to billabong and mixing bowl) (I)
Cork Screw
chute skier's left of break-it-out and split tree (ends in black forest) (IV)
Cornice Bowl
open bowl below CII chair (III)
Creature Feature
Tree below cinema rock and left of lower papoose gully, above powder cache runs (I)
Crook's Gulch
middle of three open runs from american river traverse (between main backside and paradise alley) (IV)
Crystal Palace
last pitch above squaw creek lift; reached from Squaw Creek Traverse & Far East (I)
bump run skier's left of top of Far East chair (goes to lower champs) (I)
Cut Off
trail around lower section of Crystal Palace - leads to Aspen (I)
Day Lodge Meadow
open area at bottom of twin pine and knob hill (I)
skier's left from Oly Lady east face; down the ridge from east face cliffs (II)
Diagonal Chute
chute in east face cliffs, from upper Oly Lady East Face to above Waterfall Gully (II)
Direct Chute
3rd chute off Granite Peak (IV)
Downhill Chute
Chute off Palisades (III)
Downhill Cliffs
cliffs skiers left at top of accelerator, bottom of women's downhill; (II)
Eagle's Nest
rocks at top of KT (II)
East Face
Open bowl on East side of top of Oly Lady; climber's left getting off of chair (II)
East Face Cliffs
cliffs on skiers' left edge of Oly Lady east face (II)
East Face Gully
gully starting below red dog bowl; fed by East Face, Tom's Tumble, and Deadman's (II)
Easy (EZ) Street
trail starting Exhibition, down to Cabo's corner, then to mid Exhibition, then to base area (I)
Echo Chamber
trees below rocks, skiers right of Carnel's (IV)
Egg Carton
bumps from top of KT leading down to chute 75 and west face (II)
Ego Alley
bump run under upper Squaw Creek chair (I)
Emigrant Bowl
bowl on east side of emigrant peak; climber's left of chair (IV)
Enchanted Forest
Tree area skier's right of bullet, skier's left of Snag Cliffs (III)
Open face under exhibition chair (II)
skiers right fork from backside corner to shirley lake chair (IV)
lighted trail from High Camp, just below riv gap, above tram/sibera trail (III)
Extra Chute
Chute off Palisades (III)
Far East
skier's right most trail from Day Lodge meadow (I)
Fatal Attraction *
skier's left chute between rocks below gate 1 and Trail 90 (V)
rock cliffs below Powderhorn on lower KT nose; skier's left of Schimmelpfennig bowl (II)
Fort Sumter
rocks above mainline pocket (IV)
groomed run skier's right at bottom of rainbow bowl; curves around to bottom of solitude chair (IV)
Frog & Toad's *
Narrow chute, skier's left of Mr. Toad's; accessed from from bungee bowl or travering from bailey's cirque (V)
chute skiers left of Emigrant face; goes into Shirley bowl (IV)
Further East
right fork from far east (about 2/3 way down) (I)
Garbage Chute
chute immediately climbers right from Headwall chair (III)
tree run from day lodge meadow; skier's right of North Slope (I)
Gold Coast Ridge
area above large terrain park (off of siberia ridge run) (III)
Good *
First of three chutes from The Farside; through gate 8 (V)
Groove Tube
gully between bill's boardwalk and racers (III)
area between 1st GS cliffs and 2nd GS cliffs; lower part of GS Bowl (II)
GS Bowl
bowl below Chuck & Bill's; East face of KT (II)
Gun Platform
near training sled storage shed (I)
ridge skier's right from top of oly lady; leads to Red Dog ridge (II)
Hanging Garden *
skiers right after going through Silverado gate 6 (V)
Hanging Lugie *
rock face skier's right of Bailey's Cirque; below Ludwig's castle (V)
Headwall Face
Upper bowl under headwall chair; skier's right of Hogsback (III)
Heidi’s Hideaway
reached by climbing around big rock behind training sled condo or from skiers right of red dog ridge (I)
Hidden Bowl
open bowl below granite peak (IV)
High Sun Bowl
bowl above traverse into sun bowl; reached from palisades; used to be kitchen wall (III)
High Voltage
first open bump run skiers left from Pacific Crest trail (from Granite Chief Chair) (IV)
Ho Chi Minh
trail from top of headwall to top of CII (III)
ridge on headwall between headwall face and north bowl (III)
hole in the wall
skier's right of two narrow chutes between Chute 75 and Rock Garden; above Sign Cliffs (II)
Home Run
skier's right trail (upper trail) from Times Square; leads to base or Wallys Ravine (II)
Horse Trails
most east of trails from Big Cornice to CII flats; skier's left of Penguin (ridge between Horse Trails & Bullet) (III)
2nd of chutes from Big Cornice to CII flat; skier's right of Classic chute; left of tree chutes (III)
Inside Edge
below juniper ledge and above white pine ledge; skier's right of snag ledge (IV)
trail starting skier's right behind Gold Coast lift and going left to Siberia chair (goes by 267 hut) (III)
Iron Curtain *
Out of Bounds rock face skiers' left of Fatal Attraction and Jake's chutes (V)
Jagged Edge
bumps below CII flats and above bellevue (III)
Jake's *
right of two chutes which are skiers' left about half way down Trail 90 from Gate 1 (V)
Joe's Garage
open area bounded by Freeway (Solitude area) as it makes it 180o turn to left (IV)
Jump Hill
Olympic ski jump area under Far East chair (I)
Juniper Hollow
Skiers right from Boundary Bowl, between freeway and Silverado rope line (IV)
Juniper Ledge
below voltage ledge, and above white pine ledge and inside edge (IV)
Katmandu *
Chute skiers right below Tram Bowl; between McKinney's (skier's left) and Mid-Chute (skier's right) (V)
open area below big terrain park and above pond (III)
Kima's Paw *
ridge skier's right of Mr. Toad's; accessed from from bungee bowl or travering from bailey's cirque (V)
Klammer's Corner
open face climber's right of CII bridge, fed by Olympic High and Alternate as they make a right hand turn (IIII)
Knob Hill
race course above Day Lodge Meadow (I)
Knute’s Knob
Big rock above and skiers left where Poulsen's makes right hand bend; under Red Dog lift (I)
Lake View
First pitch toward resort from Tienemen Square (from Red Dog and Squaw Creek chairs) (I)
Land Bridge *
gully into Silverado accessed from gate 7 (V)
area below arete and little rock pile (goes under Shirley chair) (IV)
Lemming Ridge
cliffs climbers right of cable car, after first big break point (II)
Light Tower
chute between patrol chute (skier's right) and the slot (skier's left) (III)
beginner run under links chair (IV)
Little Brother *
Face below Big Brother; to skier's right of lower Trail 90 (V)
Little Rock Pile
smaller rock ridge skiers right of arete, below attic and borders shirley bowl (IV)
Lone Pine
next pitch along main resort ridge run after Lake View; flat area after left to Montezuma's (I)
Lone Pine Gully
gully north of lone pine; between adam's rib (ridge) and montezuma's (I)
Lover's Leap
rock outcropping skier's left below Klammer's corner, leads onto sunnyside (III)
Low Back Side Cliffs
cliffs above Exit, down from split tree, and next to Black Forest trees (IV)
Low Meadow
open area in front of Granite Chief lift, below bottleneck gully (IV)
Low Saddle Face
steeper face below main saddle trail below rock garden; ends at Bellevue (II)
Lower 5th
steeper face below 5th tree run; opens onto open area at Shirley Chair; avoided by ACT (IV)
Lower Champs
section of groomed trail between Cabo's corner and lower red dog face; also called Red Dog Road on Complex II map (I)
Lower Dog Leg
skier's right below upper dog leg; coaches' corner at turn to left; leads onto Lower Red Dog Face (I)
Lower Heidi’s
continuation of Heidi's Hideaway across the Cabo's traverse road; ends at Lower Champs (Red Dog Road) (I)
Lower Red Dog Face
Big Open Area at lower section of red dog; is fed by lower dog leg, red dog face, and lower champs (I)
Lower Yellow
extension of yellow trail as it goes by Gold Coast and down to Siberia chair (III)
Ludwig's Castle *
rock band skier's right of top of Bailey's Cirque (V)
Bump run, skier's left of Carnel; ends at Main Backside (IV)
Main Backside
Last (most north) of four runs reached from American River traverse (High Voltage, Paradise Alley, Crook's Gulch) (IV)
Main Chute
Chute off Palisades (III)
Mainline Pocket
bowl area above mainline and gold coast lifts; below fort sumter rocks (III)
Mambo Meadows
open flat area skier's left below Tower 20; has "little house on the prarie" and slow sign (III)
Maverick's *
Out of Bounds face skier's right of Austin's (V)
McKinney's *
ridge face below China Wall (V)
Meadow Ledge
Cliff skier's left and below upper meadow (below Granite Peak) (IV)
Medusa Chute *
Main chute skier's right below Bailey"s Cirque; skier;s right of Big Brothers (V)
Mid Chute *
chute below Hanging Gardens; skier's right of Katmandu and left of Mule's Leap (V)
Mid Meadow
Open area almost to bottom of trees on skiers left of Granite Chief chair; below and skiers left of Sam's Sun Runs (IV)
Middle Earth
ridge below backside corner; bounded by Exit (right) and Bottleneck gully (left) (IV)
Mixing Bowl
open area where Billobong, Valley View, & North Slope come together; hard right turn for squaw creek traverse (I)
Monte's Meadow *
open area at bottom of Landbridge before run out on Bob the Dog Slog (V)
Montezuma’s Revenge
bump run leading from flats between Lone Pine and Twin Pine; leads to Billabong (I)
Monument Ridge
main ridge climber's left from Emigrant chair (IV)
Moon Dunes
rocky area below snagg cliffs and above saddle gate (II)
Mora's Downhill
trail leading from Gold Coast chair to shirley lake (II)
Mr Toad's *
long narrow chute accessed from from bungee bowl or travering from bailey's cirque; skier's left of Kima's paw (V)
Mule's Leap *
cliff skier's right of Mid Chute; below hanging gardens (V)
chute off of Palisades (III)
No Way Slot
chute high up on cliffs before funitel first levels out (III)
Norma’s Pinball Palace
trees below cabo's traverse and above lower champs (I)
North Bowl
open bowl face on north side of headwall chair (III)
North Slope
run skiers right of valley view from Day Lodge Meadow; goes into mixing bowl (I)
North Slope Cirque
chute if continued down hill from Mixing bowl rather than taking Squaw Creek traverse (i)
North Wall
face skiers left on Broken Arrow bowl; usually has high traverse (III)
Nose Chutes
chutes in trees skiers left below KT nose, leads onto 3rd, 4th, and 5th alternate faces of KT (II)
Olympic High
Upper of two roads leading from burkharts to Klammer corner; way to get to summer road (III)
Oregon Trail *
run out from Smoothie's to Silverado chair (V)
Pablo’s Passage
bump run skiers left from Squaw Creek traverse leading to aspen (I)
Pacific Crest
ledge below American River Traverse leading to High Voltage and Paradis Alley (IV)
Packers Downhill
lowest of three traverses below Riv Gap (High Camp to Siberia lift); (others = Expressway, tram/siberia) (III)
Rock Cliffs above Siberia bowl (III)
Papoose Gully
gully skiers left of Rusty's Ridge; goes through trees down to valley floor (I)
Papoose Gully Exit
trail crossing to get to mixing bowl; about half way down Papoose Gully; above Rabbit Runs (I)
Paradise Alley
skier's right of high voltage; starts from Pacific Crest; (IV)
Patrol Chutes
chutes just skiers left from top of CII chair; right of light tower chute (III)
ridge between horse trails and bullet; leads onto sisters or jagged edge (III)
Pixie Cliffs
rock faces and cliffs between bottom of Solitude and bottom of shirley lake (IV)
Pony Tow
area in front of Children's World (I)
Poulson’s Gully
gulley starting behind 275 going under red dog chair, down to meadow and Far East chair (I)
Powder Cache Run
tree run slight skiers right below creature feature; skier's left of lower papoose gully (I)
Powder Horn
Ridge skier's right below KT nose and above fingers (II)
Powerline Face
Open south facing face (below Funitel) starting near Swale and a power tower and leading to sunnyside near tower 10 (III)
Punch Bowl
small bowl below white pine ledge; other side of chair line from south knoll (IV)
Rabbit Runs
tree runs skier's right of lower Papoose Gully (I)
race course used by masters and others, below siberia ridge and yellow brick road (III)
Rainbow Bowl
open bowl skier's right, just below top of Solitude (IV)
Ramp Run
easy terrain between East Broadway chair and coin op (IV)
Red Dog Bowl
bowl above red dog gully; skier's right from Oly Lady east face, and skier's left of Tom's Tumble (II)
Red Dog Face
ungroomed area skier's right of Cushman's; 180o from top of Far East chair (I)
Red Dog Ridge
ridge atop tree area across swale from Hamon Dixon; above Red Dog trees (II)
Red Trail
upper of two trails skier's right from bottom of Accelerator; above strawberry fields (II)
Ridge Run
ridge from top of Siberia chair to north towards Spofford's rock (III)
Riv gap
Saddle between Beginner area and area leading down to siberia; to climber's right above Riveria terrain park (III)
Riv Terrain Park
terrain park beneath riviera chair (III)
Rock Garden
first run skier's right from top of saddle traverse; leads to lower saddle face and alternate saddle face (II)
rock ridge skiers right of break-it out (IV)
Rusty’s Ridge
ridge between ego alley (skier's right) and Papoose gully (skier's left) (I)
main trail from saddle traverse and down to saddle gate; access to lower saddle face & stirrup (II)
Saddle Gate
where saddle run meets bellevue; below snag cliffs and moon dunes (II)
Saddle Traverse
trail from top of KT chair to saddle face or snagg cliffs(II)
Sam's Sun Runs
area in trees (skier's left of Granite chair) below snag ledge and above mid meadow (IV)
Schimmelpfennig Bowl
bowl area to skiers right of fingers, and skier's left from Exhibition lift (II)
lower open area below exhibition chair (I)
rock ridge between upper Chute 75 and alternate Chute 75 (II)
Shirley Bowl
open bowl beneath funnel; climbers right of shirley lake chair (IV)
Shirley's Cleavage
run between trees going from lower Shirley Bowl to lower 5th (IV)
Show Off Schuss
3rd section of mountain run skier's left of times square; last pitch before base area (II)
Siberia Bowl
open bowl area beneath 264; skier's right from top of Siberia chair (III)
Siberia Ridge
open bowl below ridge run; north of siberia chair (III)
Sign Cliffs
cliff area skiers right and around from alternate saddle face, below rocks on left hand side of Chute 75 (II)
Silverado Creek *
trail to chair from Bob the Dog Slog (V)
cliff band below snag cliffs and enchanted forest; climbers right of saddle gate (III)
chute climbers left of Headwall face, accessed from trail skier's left from top of ho chi minh trail (III)
Slot Nose
ridge between slot and headwall face (III)
Smoothie *
Spring only traverse from VIPs beyond ski boundary, ending at Silverado (V)
Snag Cliffs
cliff band beyond dog leg right turn in saddle traverse; above moon dunes (II)
Snag Ledge
cliff band below & between juniper ledge & meadow ledge (IV)
South Faces
last (north most) chute from Granite peak; beyond Direct Chute (IV)
South Knoll
raised area where main backside and crook's gulch join; above backside corner (IV)
Speed Cop Flats
1st of 3 sections of mountain run skier's left below times square: (speed cop flat, willow flat, show off schuss) (II)
Spofford's Rock
prominent rock midway along ridge run from siberia chair (III)
Spring Bowl
open bowl below mambo meadows and with bellevue on right hand lip (aka Mougle hill) (III)
Squaw Creek Traverse
trail leading from mixing bowl to top of crystal palace (I)
rocky section between saddle gate (skier's left) and lower saddle face (skier's right) (II)
bump run immediate skiers left from Lake view (I)
Strawberry Fields
lower of two runs skier's right from bottom of Accelerator; other is Red trail; leads to top of Exhibition (II)
Stump Farm *
bowl face skier's right of land bridge; access from gate 7 (V)
Summer Road
groomer road starting at olympic high and winds down mountain (III)
Summer Road Pockets
chutes skier's right of akja cache pockets and sundance (from road beneath broken arrow) (III)
Summit Chute
1st chute from top of Granite Peak accessed from Buttress ridge (IV)
Sun Bowl
open bowl to east from top of headwall chair (beneath high sunbowl) (III)
bump run skiers right from top of broken arrow chair (tower 12 cliffs to left) (III)
trail to base area on north side of creek starting on north side of CII bridge (II)
hollow under the funitel, above powerline face (III)
Teenage Wasteland
bump area below 6th tree run to bottom of Solitude; Big Al's is on skier's left (IV)
Terrain Park
Big Terrain Park skier's right of Mainline, below gold coast ridge and fort sumter (III)
The Farside *
High ridge skier's immedite right from gate 7; above good, bad, & ugly (V)
trail skier's left from Crystal Palace, cuts through pablo's passage, and ends up at Aspen (I)
Tienemen Sq
flat area at top of Red Dog and Squaw Creek chairs (I)
Times Sq
Where bellevue splits into Home Run and speed cop flats; by the big rock (II)
Tom's Tumble
skier's right of Red Dog Bowl; just to left of Red Dog trees (II)
Tower 10
place marker on sunnyside, near to where Powerline Face comes in (III)
Tower 12 cliffs
cliffs skier's left on upper sundance (III)
Tower 20
groomed trail between open area at Siberia chair and top of mambo meadows (III)
Trail 90 *
run from gate 1 to Bob the Dog Slog; goes between Little Brother and Billy's (V)
Tram Bowl *
bowl beneath Tram at High Camp; skier's right of Bungee Bowl (V)
middle of three traverses from High Camp area to siberia (Expressway, tram/siberia, and Packer's downhill) (III)
Tree Chutes
chutes off Big Cornice between Hourglass and Horse Trails (III)
Tree Run (#1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6)
Trees runs east along ridge from Shirley Lake chair (#1 closest to chair) (IV)
Trouble Maker
continuation of upper champs -makes sharp right turn; skiers left of upper dog leg (I)
Twin Pine
third pitch along groomed run heading to resort from Tienemen square; beyond lake view and lone pine (I)
Ugly *
3rd chute skier's right from gate 7; below The Farside (V)
Upper Dog Leg
Right fork from upper champs, left fork is troublemaker) (I)
Upper Meadow
flat area below hidden bowl, on Granite Peak (IV)
Valley View
main groomed run (skiers left) from Day Lodge Meadow to Mixing bowl (I)
Van Dyke Chutes *
out of bounds face skier's left of Iron Curtain (V)
Voltage Ledge
Rocks skiers left of upper High Voltage (IV)
Waimea *
area below Kima's Paw rock ridge (V)
Wally's Pond
tree area between mambo meadow and CII flats (formerly Lost Lake) (III)
Wally's ravine
gully beyond Aspen Rip-Off to KT chair (skier's right from end of Speed Cop Flats (II)
gully beneath lower Oly Lady chair; accessed from diagonal chutes and east face cliffs (II)
West Face
main run down west side of KT-22 (II)
West Face Alternates (2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th)
successive runs to East of West Face (II)
West Wall
rocks to skier's left of lower Chute 75 and Chute 75 alternate (II)
White Pine Ledge
below juniper ledge and above punch bowl (IV)
Willow Flat
2nd section of mountain run below times square: (speed cop flat, willow flat, show off schuss) (II)
Women's Downhill
bowl beneath the ridge between KT and Olympic Lady (II)
Yellow Brick Road
ridge line above racers and below siberia ridge (III)
Yellow Trail
main groomed run below siberia bowl; skier's left of Newport; skier's right of Bills Boardwalk (III)
Squaw Creek top to bottom - main run
Tienemen Square, Lake View, Lone Pine, Twin Pine, DayLodge Meadow, Valley View, Mixing Bowl, Squaw Creek Traverse, Crystal Palace
Squaw Creek top to Red Dog lift - Easy Trails
Tienemen Square, Champs, Troublemaker, Cabo's Traverse, Cabo's Corner, Red Dog Road (aka Lower Champs), lower Red Dog face - I
Coming into Mixing Bowl (climber R-L)
Billabong (Controversy, Montezuma), Valley View, North Slope, Geronimo
Runs skier's left of Squaw Creek Traverse
North Slope Cirque, Pablo's Passage, Squealer, Crystal Palace (& to Cut Off, Aspen)
From top to meadow starting behind 275 (not Poulsen's Gully)
Papoose Gully, Cinema Rock, Creature Feature, Powder Cache Runs
Runs to skiers left along Squaw Creek main run starting at Papoose Gully and ending at Montezuma
Rusty's Ridge, Ego Alley, Strainer, Alt Strainer, Adam's Rib, Lone Pine Gully
More advanced - top to bottom of Red Dog Lift
Champs, Upper Dog Leg, Coaches Corner, Lower Dog Leg, Lower Red Dog Face
advanced runs - top of Red Dog to bottom
Champs, Upper Dog Leg, Upper Red Dog Face (or Cushman's or Lower Dog Leg), Lower Red Dog Face
From Red Dog ridge across Oly Lady face
Tom's Tumble, red dog bowl, Hamon-Dixon, East Face, East Face cliffs, Deadman's
North from Oly Lady top, runs skier R to L
East Face Cliffs, (Waterfall Gully), Diagonal Chute, Women's Downhill, Accelerator
runs (or features) to right from top Oly Lady to KT along ridge;
Women's Downhill, Downhill Cliffs, 1st GS Cliffs, Ambrusic's, Chuck & Bills, GS Bowl
From top to bottom along nose of KT
Egg Carton, (Arnie's Avalanche), (Coleman's), Nose, Powder Horn, Fingers, Schimmelpfennig Bowl
Around KT top starting from Chute 75; climber's L to R
Hole in the Wall, Ahh Chute, Rock Garden, 1st Saddle Cliff, 2nd Saddle Cliff, Saddle Traverse, Saddle (below = Sign Cliffs,lower Saddle Face)
From KT top; climber's R-L starting at Alternate
Alternate, Separator, Chute 75, West Face, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th Alternates, Nose Chutes
Mountain run from 267 to Time Sq (main)
Tower 20, mambo meadows, bellvue (saddle gate), Times Square
From 267 to Time Sq (alterate = not bellevue)
burkharts, alternate, klammer's corner, CII bridge, Times Square
Times Sq to base (not Home Run)
Speed Cop flats, Willow Flat, Show off shuss
Times Sq to base (not Home Run or direct route)
Speed Cop flats, Aspen Rip Off, Walley's Ravine
Headwall Runs - climbers L to R
patrol chutes, light towers, Slot, Slot nose, catwalk chute, Headwall face, Hogsback, North Bowl, Garbage Chutes, Chicken Bowl
Siberia - climbers L to R
Chicken Bowl, Siberia Bowl, Siberia Ridge
From bottom of Siberia Bowl : skiers L-R
Yellow Brick Road, Racers, Groove Tube, Bill's Boardwalk, Yellow Trail, Newport
From Broken Arrow Chair : skier L -R
North Wall, Broken Arrow, Tower 12 cliffs, Sundance, Akja Cache Pockets, Summer Road Pockets
runs further down from Broken Arrow
Summer Road, Swale, Powerline face, No way slot
Riv Gap Runs: skiers R to L
Terrain Park, Expressway, Tram/Siberia, Packer's Downhill
Off backside of Emigrant
Backside, 2nd High Traverse, Attic
Runs to left N to S along ridge from Emigrant chair
funnel, emigrant bowl, monument ridge
Off American River Traverse: climber L-R
Echo Chamber, Carnel, Magoo's, Main Backside, Crook's Gulch, Pacific Crest, Paradise Alley, High Voltage
Below Backside (skier R to L)
Little Rock Pile, Arete, Rock Pile, Break-it-out, [split tree], Corkscrew; below are low backside cliffs, Black Forest
Granite Peak: skiers R-L
Buttress Ridge, Buttress Chute, Summit, Direct, South Faces
Below Granite Peak - from top alongside Granite chair
Hidden Bowl, Voltage Ledge, Juniper Ledge, While Pine Ledge, Punch Bowl, Low Meadow
Below Granite Peak - mid
Hidden Bowl, Upper Meadow, Meadow Ledge, Snag ledge, Sam's Sun Run's
Main groomed run from American River to Granite Chair
Main Backside, Backside corner, bottleneck gully, low meadow
American River to Shirley
Main Backside, Backside Corner, Exit
Under Granite Chief Chair - top to bottom
Voltage Ledge, Juniper Ledge, (Inside Edge), White Pine Ledge, Punch Bowl
American River Traverse to Granite Chair (middle runs)
Crook's Gulch, South Knoll, backside corner, bottleneck gully, low meadow
top of Shirley Lake to Chair (use Tree Run #1)
Tree Run #1, Shirley's Cleavage, Lower 5th
From #1 to Chair (via bowl)
Shirley Bowl, Laverne's, lower 5th runout
Lower Solitude runs: skier's L to R
Big Al's, Teenage Wasteland, Joe's Garage, Freeway (IV)