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What does Sql Server Agent Server do?
It is responsible for performing automated tasks including backups, replication and lots of tsks based on certain conditions which are performed in the MSDB database.
What is MSDTC?
It is Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator which handles which server gets which task.
What is configured in SQL Server Service Manager?
Whether to start services automatically on startup and also whether you want to autostart the Operating System.
Where is the Icon for the SQL Server Manager located?
In the lower right of the screen when you open the SQL Server.
What will you see under the startup parameters on the properties tab of the instance?
You will see the physical files on the hard drive that the master database uses.
What does the Network configuration button allow you to do?
remove network protocols that the server uses to communicate with client machines.
Why is it a good idea to change the default port SQL server uses to listen for incoming client connections?
It can make your SQL server a bit more secure.
How can you hide your server?
By checking the hide box on the TCP/IP tab in the Server Network Utility. This is not foolproof.
Where do you configure ram usage?
On the memory tab in the properties box.
How many licenses must you buy if you have two processors and have configured your SQL server to only use one processor?
two because you have to have licenses for how many processors the machine has regardless how many it uses
What security audits are logged on the security tab of the properties window?
None, successes, failures, or all
What operation do you do on the connections tab?
You set the limits of CALs. 0 = Unlimited.
How do you find useful administrative items on a database?
Right-click on a database and click on properties.
Why would you want to limit the growth of the transaction log?
If you don't your logs will grow to unmanageable sizes especially if you use the full recovery mode.
When is it a good idea to have your transaction log file on a different drive?
When you are required to use Full Recovery Mode so that the huge number of disk-writing funcitons do not hinder your database's speed.
What is the first subfolder created in the Windows Operating system when you install SQL Server 2000?
It is called 80 and it is located in the Program Files/Microsoft SQL Server/80 Folder
How many files shared folders are located in the 80 folder?
What is the second folder that is created during installation of SQL Server 2000?
It is a folder containing program and data files unique for each SQL Server 2003 instance.
What is the default location for the SQL Server 2000 instance folder?
Program Files/Microsoft SQL Server, but you can change this.
How many files are contained in the SQL Server 2000 Instance folder?
What registry keys are added during installation?
Keys relating to the unique program and data files for the default instances and keys relating to the unique program and data files for a named instance and also for the 80 folder as well as the MSDTC, Help and Client shared files.
What programs were added to the start menu during installation?
Books online, Client Network Utility, Configure SQL XML Support in IIS, Enterprise Manager, Import and Export DATA, Profiler, Query Analyzer, Server Network Utility, Service Manager
How is the SQL Service configured to start by default?
Automatically with the Windows Operating system.
How is the SQL Server Agent service configured to start by default?
How many versions of the MS DTC and Microsoft Search services are there for each instance of SQL Service 2000 and how are they configured by default?
Only one and they are configured to start automatically with the Windows operating system and to use the local system account.
What must happen before you use the SQL 2000 service?
It must be started by the SQL Server 2000 Setup program which starts the MS DTC and Microfsoft Server Service if they are not already running and leaves them running. It starts the SQL Server service during installion to configure this instance of the SQL Server service, but leaves the service stopped when installation is complete. The Setup program does not start the SQL Server Agent service during installation.
What tools are used to start, stop, or pause SQL Server services?
SQL Service Manager is the most commonly used tool. It installs itself as a taskbar option. SQL Enterprise Manager allows you to start, stop, or pause an instance also.
What is OSQL?
It is the Primary command-prompt utility used to connect to, query, and administer SSQL Server 2000.
What is SQL Query Analyzer?
It is used to connect to, query, and administer SQL Server 2000.
What command is used most often in the Osql Query?
You use the Go command to signal the end of a batch and to tell SQL service to process the batch.
What are some commonly used Go commands in Osql?
quit, Exit. and are case sensitive.