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What was the goal of the UN Climatic Conference in Rio in 1989?
stabilize atmosphere and prevent further anthopogenic interference
When did the IPCC first state that humans posed a harm to the climate?
How long does carbon dioxide remain in the atmosphere?
a century or more
( 100+ years )
Fossil fuels alone have increased carbon dioxide levels by
Most scientists agree that the global climate increase in temperature is
0.6 °C over the last 120 years
In a climate computer simulation, a "signal" is
a feature that remains constant in the simulation
In a climate computer simulation, a "noise" is
un-reproducible weather-related climate
What are the human health implications of global warming?
serious medical disorders
What is the most direct health result from global warming?
death due to heat waves
What is the greatest indirect result of global warming?
increased smog allergens
How can global warming affect weather?
increase flooding and droughts
Which parts of the globe would be most affected by infectious disease?
developing countries
What infectious disease posed a great threat to America in 1999?
West Nile fever
How many people died in the U.S. from West Nile in 1999?
seven-- in New York
What impact would climate-induced drought have on agriculture?
damage crops and reduce food supply
How would humans be affected by climate-induced drought?
overcrowding and disease
How does atmospheric heating affect the water cycle?
accelerates the cycle
water reaching the Earth from the atmosphere is called
Name 4 diseases that are carried by mosquitos
malaria, dengue fever, yellow fever, and encephalitis
Insect carriers that contain disease-producing pathogens are called
What type of mosquito causes malaria?
What organism is contained inside the Anopheles mosquito?
plasmodium falciparum
What type of mosquito causes yellow and dengue fever?
aedes aegypti
What is the other common name for dengue fever?
breakbone fever
How was malaria first named?
Mal (bad) + aria(air)-
by African colonists
What type of mosquito causes the West Nile fever?
Culex pipiens
Which virus is carried by rodents?
hanta virus
how do rodents spread hantavirus?
their fecal material (droppings)
What sewage pathogen can pollute normal drinking water?
What is the name of the pathogen that causes cholera?
Vibrio chloerae
What is ENSO?
El Niño / Southern Oscillation
Where does an El Niño occur?
in the Pacific
What is the opposite effect of the El Niño called?
La Niña
What hurricane killed 11,000 people in 1998?
What do climatic models predict about ENSO?
It will grow and become stronger.
How does the incidence of vector-borne disease correlate with ENSO?
increases with its occurrence
Why is climatology important to disease control?
it helps predict the spread
What can algal blooms be used to predict?
What was predicted by satellite images of Cape Horn?
Rift valley fever
What role do forests play in the control of carbon dioxide?
They absorb carbon dioxide and abate* the greenhouse effect.

How do wetlands affect the water supply?
filter contaminants
What is the role of the IPCC?
study climate and suggest future planning
Is climate change predictable?
somewhat, but it isn't always gradual
Which government agency has the biggest role in monitoring climate?
National Oceanic
What is Paul Epstein's position?
study the health effects of climate changes
How did NASA contribute to the climate study?
they utilized remote sensing
When were the climate records first recorded on a daily basis in China?
Qing dynasty
What do the Yu-Fen-Cun records indicate?
rain values
What do the Xue-Fen-Cun records indicate?
snow depths
Why are there gaps present in the Qing records?
archiving problems,
other damage
How can snow data be converted to rainfall amounts?
Meteorological data can be used to correlate it.
What are the world's largest and coldest mountains?
What area is dubbed the "roof of the world"?
Plateau of Tibet
What is the lowest point in the Chinese Region?
Turfan depression
What is the highest point in the Chinese region?
Mount Everest
What is China's largest river?
What is China's largest lake?
Which river is known as "China's Sorrow"?