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where and what time period did the islamic religon begin
in mecca, saudi arabi in a cave in 622 AD
what is the name of the person who speaks to muhhamad
angel gabriel
angel gabriel speaks to who
whao started the muslim religon
how many gods do they believe in what is this called
one god monothyism
what does gabriel tell muhhamed he has to do
become a prophet
what is a prophet
a messenger of god
why did muhammad move from mecca to medina
meccas people were going to persecute
what does persecute mean
to shun b/c of religous beleifs
what is the trip from mecca to medina called
the hajj
when did muhhamad die
632 AD
after muhhamad dies what happens
there is a fight over who should take his place
a succesor toke over what was the terminology that they used
when did the islamic religion really take of (date)
850 AD
how did the religion spread
they convinced people or forced them to with the army
what does the jihad mean
holy war
what does holy war mean
what happened in 1200 AD
the islamic religon spread into central asia
who invented the great silk road
marco polo
what did the great silk road connect
the middle east and asia
what are the 2 types of muslims
sunni and shite
why are there 2 types of islamic religon
because after muhhamad died the way things worked did not make everyone happy so the religon split but not because of religious reason