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The research criticizing Morgan's mental health model and the implications of the "iceberg profile" has argued that..
A) the iceberg profile accounts for only a very small percentage of athlete's performance variation. B) the iceberg profile only differentiates athletes from nonathletes and does not differentiate between athletes of different ability levels.
Trait anxiety refers to _ anxiety, whereas state anxiety refers to _ anxiety.
general; momentary
Test anxiety is an example of a.
situation-specific trait measure
Researchers have recently used the Athletic Coping Skills Inventory (ACSI) to investigate the relationship between coping skills and performance. Results have indicated that...
A) good psychological coping skills helps get the most out of their ability. B) good psychological coping skills are associated with continued involvement in professional baseball. C) the ACSI is a good tool to use for team selection.
According to results from in-depth interviews with Olympic athletes, medalists exhibited which of the following mental strategies...
A) more positive self-talk
B) more extensive mental preparation
C) better preparedness for unforeseen negative events.
Which of the following is (are) important when administering psychological inventories...
A) knowledge of testing principles and measurement error. B) sensitivity to one's own limitations. C) whether to use tests for team selection.
The phenomenological approach to personality is consistent with the interactional approach except that it focuses on.
the individual's interpretation of the situation and himself or herself.
Based on psychological data only, Morgan was successful in predicting _ out of 16 rowers who eventually made the U.S. heavyweight rowing team.
In the iceberg profile developed by Morgan, which of the following psychological characteristics that successful athletes display is typically above the mean of the population?