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Femoral Fracture (closed/compound)
MOI-direct blow, extreme muscle contraction
Sx-pn,swelling,bleeding and visible bone if compound, deformity, hearing/feeling a snap/crack/pop/ inablility to use leg, cannot weight bear
Tx-911, splint, take vitals, control bleeding, ice, x-ray, surgery, cast, rehab
Femoral neck fracture
A-femoral neck
MOI-fall, direct blow, age, ovesity, biomechanics
Sx-pain, swelling, deformity, loss of function, MOI
Tx-911, vials, ice, splint, x-rays, surgery, rehab
Sprains (Quad, hamstring,Groin,hip flexor)
A-any muscle group
MOI-dehydration,inflexibility,nutrition, cramps, muscle contraction, overstretched, suddenly active
Sx-pain with activity, loss of function, palpable spasms, swelling, pain with stretching, tender palpation
tx-ice, compression wrap/sleeve, stretching,NASIADS, heat, rest
A-Quad muscle
MOI-direct blow, strain
Sx-pain swelling, discoloration (echimosis), loss of function, low knee flexion, pain with activiy
Tx-ice on a stretch, gentle stretching, NSAIDS, compression, wrap padding
Myositis Ossificans
A-Quad muscles
MOI-direct blow with deep bleeding within quad and untreated
Sx-duration between direct blow and onset of symptoms, swelling, pain with activity, hardened feeling with palpation, bone in x-ray
Tx- ice on stretch, Ultra sound massage
Syphisidids Pubis Sprain/dislocation
A-Symphisis pubis
MOI-pregnace, fall, direct blos
Sx-pain, difficulty walking/weight bearing, tender to palpation, MOI, pregnancy
Tx-refer to physician, ice, bed rest, NSAIDS, x-rays
Coccyx Fracture
MOI-fall, direct blow
Sx- Pain, swelling, hard to walk/sit, x-rays
Tx-Ice, rest, donut pillow, NSAIDS
Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease
A-femoral epiphysis(femoral head)
MOI-avascular necrosis
Sx-3-8 years, male,gradual onset of a limp and mild hip/knee pain, activity can aggavate pain resulting in less ROM
Tx-mild, no restricionts, rest, ice, physisian
Hip pointer(contusion over ASIS)
A-ASIS, insertion of hip flexors
MOI-direct blow to ASIS
Sx-Pain, spasm echimosis, swelling, hard to walk/weight bear/laugh
Tx-Ice, rest, crutches, NSAIDS, x-ray,gradual return to play, donut pad
Snapping hip syndrome (bursitis)
A-Trochanteric bursa, IT band, greater trochanter
MOI-compression of trochanter bursa between IT band and greater trochanter, result of tight muscles, excessive running (streets) high Q angle (women)
Tx-ice, rest, stretching, NSAIDS, MOI adressed
Hip Dislocation
A-HIp joint and surrounding soft tissues
MOI-Hip joint and surrounding soft tissues
Sx-Internally rotated=anterior dislocation, interior pain, swelling, loss of funtion, 1 shorter than another, shock
Tx-911, take vitals, check circulation in foot, reaasure victim, treat to shock, dont move, ice, check circulation