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what is the grading system for ligament injuries?
I-intrasubstance tear that is stable
II- partila thickness tear with slight laxity
III is complete tear that is unstable and weak
what are the criteria for on field head injury exam?
orientation to time and place, post traumatic amnesia, follow compound comands, dazed, abnormal speech, gait or balance difficulties, and parasthesias or weakness
describe grade 1 closed head injury.
minor, no loss of conscoiusness, no amnesia, confusion less than 5-10 minutes. observe for 20 minutes, then they may return to play.
describe grade 2 closed head injuries.
mild concussion, no loss of consciousness, amnesia for less than 20 minutes, other symptoms may persist, remove the pt. from competition and they can return after 1 week of being asymptomatic (unless this is their 2nd one this season, then wait two weeks). If this is their third CHI then they are out for the season
describe grade 3 closed head injuries
moderate concusion, loss of consciousness ofr less than 5 minutes, amnesia less than 12 hours, post concussive syndrome, remove from play, CT or MRI, neurosurgical eval, returen to play for 2 weeks after normal MRI, if 2nd one, theu are out for season
describe grade four closed head injuries
severe concussion or brain injury, loss of consciousness for over 5 minutes, amnesia for over 12 hours, treat this as presumed spinal injury until proven otherwise, CT or MRI, neurosurgical eval and close observation.
what are "burners" and how are they treated? differentials?
upper cervical root neurapraxia usually of c5, c6. "arm goes dead" return to play when asymptomatic. Must rule out cervical disc/stenosis if recurrent. Can have neck roll in football to prevent them.
what is another name for an AC joint sprain and how should it be treated?
seperated shoulder. Ice and compression. X ray to evaluate surgery need. Maintain ROM in joint
How should shoulder instability be treated, acutely and chronic?
acutely it will need a reduction and neurovascular check. If older than 40 there is r/o rotator cuff tear. can do rotator cuff strengthening. maybe arthroscopy...
treatments for impingements or tendinitis?>
injection, cuff strengthening or role of arthroscopy...
when do most muscle and ligament tears occur?
during an eccentric contraction (contracted muscle is stretched)
what is a SLAP lesion?
superior labrum, anterior or posterior
how do you treat a biceps rupture?
if it is distal (tuberosity) repair it early. Proximal repair of the long head is controversial
what are common names for lateral and medial epicondylitis in the elbow?
lateral is tennis elbow and medial is golfers elbow
describe tennis elbow.
tendinosis not itis, ECRB, use nsaids, forearm strap, ice, injections, surgical debridgement
describe little league elbow
medial epicondylitis with or without avulsion, capitellr OCD, valgus overload, limit throwing
what must you look for in a wrist sprain?
a scaphoid fracture, if dx unclear put in spica splint and re-image in ten days
describe an anterior superior iliac spine contusion.
"hip pointer," compress the area with ace wrap, ice em, stretching, walking, and biking ASAP, can retun to sport as tolerated
how do you treat a quadriceps contusion AKA thigh bruise?
immobilize in hyperflexion overnight, RICE, running at 1 to 2 days then strengthen then return to sport
Tibial colateral ligament sprain treatments.
ice, compression, immediate ROM, brace, water exercises, could be 1 week to 6 weeks til return to sport depending upon injury severity
patellar tendinitis is AKA what?
jumper's knee
what is the movement that usually causes ACL tears?
valgus, rotation
if the knee is swollen, what is possible?
ACL tear, meniscus injury, chondral fracture, NOT a sprain
why is a knee dislocation an emergency?
there is a risk of vascular injury
what are differentials for an ankle sprain?
fracture of malleoli, talus, calcaneous, syndesmotic injury, OCD, fibular dislocation.
should achilles tendonitis be treated with injections?
describe conditions of an achilles rupture?
feels like shot in the heal, feel a pop, thomas test, cast , surgery
what is the common name for 1st MTP sprain?
turf toe