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What type of microphones and there uses have we talked about?
Lavaliere - in parabolic dish
Boundary / PZM
What are the phantom power types and their voltages?
T type- 12 volts i.e. a-b powering

P type- standard 48 volts
What 3 pieces of gear would you find in the audio area in a truck?
Dynamic Effects
What do you call a pair of wires with and without voltage?
Dry- No DC voltage
Wet- DC voltage
What is the Z access rule?
All cameras will stay on the same axis, axis is determined by type of sport.
What is a punch block?
Where all of the twisted pair cable is stored on a truck.
Name 3 ways to run singnal from equipment of the field to T.V. compound.
Fiber Optics
(Coax) not good
What is a downlink?
The signal from a satellite to a station.
What is a flyaway satellite and why is it used?
Small portable satellite when a location is not accessible
What is a FAX?
A check to see if equipment is working properly?
Describe a location sketch.
Used to help identify location of cameras, cables, of mics, crew parking, and offices.
What does the producer verify during a FAX?
All cameras are going to correct monitors.
What does a camera operator verify during a FAX?
That they can see return feed.
What does an EIC verify during a FAX?
Verify that transmission is good.
What happened on April 20 1939?
Davis Sarnoff of RCA introduced the first television, by transmitting a signal.
What does O.B. Van stand for?
Outside Broadcast
Remote Truck
THE Truck
What is about an average day rate for an A2?
What is the average cost of a medium sized mobile unit per day?
What is a 2 shot?
Waist-up shot of talent - get out of the way?
The name for power supplied at a venue?
Shore Power
What is a DT12 and how is it used?
Audio breakout box/subsnake used for broadcast.
What is an I/O panel and where is it located?
All connections for the truck under the bay doors.