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NHL cahmpionship trophy
Lord Stanleyś Cup
NHL MVP award
Hart trophy
Team with most Stanley Cup wins
Montreal Canadians (34)
American team with most Stanley cup wins
Detroit Red Wings
Most goals in a season
Wayne gretzky
Most career goals
Wayne Gretzky (894)
Second most career goals NHL
Gordie How (801)
NHL most career goals by a defenseman
Bobby Orr
NHL coach with most career wins
Scotty Bowman
NFL championship trophy
Lombardi trophy
Teams with most Super Bowl victories (5)
San Fransisco 49ers and Dallas cowboys
NFL most career points
Gary Anderson (2003+)
NFL most rushing yards career
Emmitt smith
NFL most rushing yards in a season
eric Dickerson (2105)
NFL most rushing yards in a game
Jamal Lewis
NFL Most passing yards career
Dan Marino (55416)
NFL most passing yards in a season
Dan Marino (5084)
NFL most touchdown passes in a career
Dan Marino (420)
NFL most touchdown passes in a season
Payton Manning
NFL most pass receptions in a career
Jerry Rice (1262+)
NFL Most pass receptions in a season
Herman Moore (123)
NFL most touchdowns in a career
Jerry Rice (167+)
NFL most touchdowns in a season
Marchall Faulk (26)
NFL Longest field goal (tied)
Tom Dempsey and Jason Elam (63)
Team with most NBA championships
Boston Celtics (16)
Team with most wins in a season
Chicago Bulls (72, 1995-96)
NBA team with longest winning streak
LA Lakers (33, 1971-72)
NBA most career points
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (38387)
Most points in a NBA game
Wilt Chamberlain (100)
NBA most career assists
John Stockton (active)
NBA most career games
Robert Parish (1611)
NBA coach with most career wins
Lenny Wilkens
NBA coach with most playoff wins
Pat Riley
NBA coach with most titles
Red Auerbach (9)
Award for best pitcher
Cy young award
Team with most World Series wins
NY Yankees
NL team with most World Series wins
St Louis Cardinals (9)
MLB player with highest season batting average
Rogers Hornsby (.424)
MLB player with highest career batting average
Ty Cobb (.367)
MLb player with most career home runs
Hank Aaron (755)
MLB player with second most career home runs
Babe Ruth (714)
MLB player with most season home runs
Barry bonds (73)
MLB pl;ayer with second most season home runs
Mark McGwire
MLB player with most RBIs in a season
Hack Wilson (190)
MLB player with most craeer RBIs
Hank Aaron (2297)
MLB player wihth most career hits
Pete Rose (4256)
MLB player with longest consecutive game hitting streak
Joe DiMaggio (56)
MLB player with most career stolen bases
Rickey Henderson (1265+)
Player with most season stolen bases
Rickey Henderson (130)
Pitcher with most career wins
Cy Young (511)
Pitcher with most career strikeouts
Nolan Ryan (5714)
Pitcher with most season strikeouts
Nolan Ryan (383)
Pitchers with most strikeouts in a game
Roger Clemons and Kerry Wood (20)
Pitcher with most career no hitters
Nolan Ryan (7)
pitcher with most Cy young awards
Roger Clemons (5)
Pitcher with lowest ERA for a season
Bob Gibson (1.12)
Picther with most consecutive scoreless innings
Orel Hershiser (59)
Only pitcher to throw back-toback no hitters
Johnny Vander Meer
Only pitcher to throw perfect game in a World Series
Don Larson
MLB last player to win the triple crown
Carl Yatrzemski (1967)
Last major Leaguer to hit higher than .400
Ted Williams
MLB player with most consecutive games
Cal Ripkin Jr (2632)
Baseballś first pro team 1869
Cincinnati Red Stockings
Year of the first World Series
Last Cubś World Series championship
First baseball commissioner 1921
Kenesaw Mountain Landis
Baseball Hall of Fameś five charter members
Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, Walter Johnson, Honus Wagner, Christy Mathewson
last bare-knuckle heavyweight champion
John L Sullivan
Longest reign as heavyweight champion
joe Louis (11 years)
Only undefeated heavyweight champion
Rocky Marciano (49-0)
Most professional knockouts
Archie Moore (129)
Cassius Clay defeated him to win the heavyweight title
Sonny Liston
Fighters in Thrilla in Manila
Ali and Foreman
Fighters in Rumble in the Jungle
Ali and Frazier (Kinshasa, Zaire)
Rules governing pro boxing
Marquis of Queensberry
Team with most NCAA basketball titles
UCLA (11)
Team with second most NCAA basketball titles
NCAA basketball team with longest winning streak
UCLA (88)
UCLA coach for 10 championship seasons
John Wooden
All-time leading scorer in NCAA basketball
Pistol Pete Maravich
Award for best college football player
Heisman trophy
Award for best college football defensiveman
Bronko Nagurski award
College football team with longest winning streak
Oklahoma (47)
Only player to win 2 Heismans
Archie Griffin
Home of Cotton Bowl
Dallas, TX
Home of Fiesta Bowl
Tempe, AZ
home of the Liberty Bowl
Memphis, TN
Home of Orange Bowl
Miami, Fl
Home of Peach Bowl
Home of the Rose Bowl
Pasadena, CA
Home of the Sugar Bowl
New Orleans
Home of the Sun Bowl
El Paso
Colleges of First intercollegiate football game
Princeton vs Rutgers 1869
Golfer with the most tournament wins
Sam snead (81)
Golfer with most major tournament wins
Jack Nicklaus (18)
First golfer to win $1000000
Arnold Palmer
First golfer to win $1000000
Arnold Palmer (1963)
Youngest Masters winner
Tiger Woods
All time leading money winner
Hale Irwin
Frist female to win the tennis Grand slam
Maureen Connolly
Tennis female with most grand slam wins
Margaret Court (24)
Tennis male with most grand slam wins (tied)
Roy Emerson and Pete Sampras (12)
Youngest famle Wimbelton champ
Martina Hingis (15)
Youngest male Wimbledon champ
Boris Becker (17)
Player with most Wimbledon singles titles
Martina Navratilova (9)
Only player to win the tennis Grand Slam twice
Rod Laver
#1 tennis woman player 1991-97
Steffi Graf
First female to make over $100000
Billie jean king (1971)
Pro Football Hall of Fame location
Canton, OH
Pro basketball Hall of Fame location
Springfield, MA
Pro hockey Hall of Fame location
MLB Hall of Fame location
Cooperstown, NY
Tennis Hall of Fame location
Newport, RI
Bowling Hall of Fame location
St Louis, MO
Figure skating Hall of Fame location
Colorado Springs
Skiing Hall of Fame location
Vail, CO
college football Hall of Fame location
South Bend, IN
Basketball inventor
Dr James A Naismith
datona 500 winner seven times
Richard Perry
Indianapolis 500 winners four times
AJ Foyt Jr, Al Unser Sr, and Rick Mears
Notre Dame football coach 1918-31
Knute Rockne
Brazilian American soccer player
first non-European Tour de France winner
Greg LeMond
Tour de France winner 1999-2000
Lance Armstrong
First man to run the mile in under 4 minutes
Roger Bannister
First high schooler to run the 4 minute mile
Galloping Ghost
Harold (Red) Grange
Crazy Legs
Elroy Hirsch
Brown bomber
Joe Louis
Manassa Mauler
Jack Dempsey
Louisville Lip
Muhammad Ali
Dr J
Julius erving
Ice Man
George Gervin
Big O
Oscar Robertson
Iron Horse
Lou Gehrig
Georgia Peach
Ty Cobb
Yankee Clipper
Joe DiMaggio
Splendid Splinter
ted Williams
Big train
Walter Johnson
Duke of flatbush
Duke snider
Say Hey Kid
Willie Mays
Sultan of Swat
Babe Ruth
The house that Ruth built
Yankee stadium
1927 Yankees lineup
Murdererś Row
Mr. October
Reggie Jackson
Wizard of westwood
John Wooden
Greg Norman
Rod Laver or Maurice Richard
Golden jet
Bobby Hull
Italian skier nicknamed La Bamba
Alberto Tomba
Mike Tysons promotor
Don King
¨Highland¨ game
Caber tossing
Amateur boxing association for all ages
Golden Gloves
English racket game
Game played with a stone and brooms
Player banned for Chicago ¨Black Sox¨ scandal 1919
Shoeless Joe Jackson (and 7 others)
Worlds longest dogsled race
Female Iditirod four time winner
Susan Butcher
Federation International de Footballś championship
World Cup
country with most world cup wins
Brazil (4)
player on three World Cup Brazilian teams