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Roger Staubach of the Dallas Cowboys, John Elway of the Denver Broncos, and more recently Tom Brady of the New England Patriots
have fueled interest in the relationship between sport and leadership
As a trat, intelligence
is found more in leaders than in followers
A consultant is looking at your front office in terms of the style of leadership used by management personnel. One of the steps involves the administration of the Least Preferred Co-Worker Scale. Clearly the assessment is steeped in the
Fiedler's Contingency leadership model
In the life cycle theory of leadershi[, the leader who is low task/low relationship
delegates, allows mature followers to make decisions
Data tp date seem to indicate that the Leadership Scale for Sports (LSS)
is most positive with regard to the multi dimensional scale; driving force behind sport leadership research
Team harmony to former NBA star Charles Barkley
doesn't matter, winning and getting paid
The motivation decrement which arises as a function in group size increases is commonly referred to as
the Ringelmann Effect
When Donnelly talks of a team half life he is referring to
the amount of time it takes for 50% OF The players to turn over; team cohesion takes time
The Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire (MLQ) was developed by Bass to assess five aspects of the
transformational model
can be negative if overconformity results
Triplett’s 1898 research has been called the first social psychology experiment. It is also cited by many as landmark in sports psychology. Whom did Triplett study?
bicycle racers
The detrimental effects of a favorable audience couple with negative expectations, such as a fear of failure, has led Butler and Baumeister to refer to this performance style as
futile caution
Cottrell's theory of social facilitation differs from that of Zajonc by adding the element of
evaluative apprehension; mere presence as a factor in drive theory
Drive theory in social facilitation as espoused by Zajonc
that the uncertainty created by the presence of an audience would increase arousal....increase performance/hinder learning
Self presentation and self awareness are parts of which nondrive model?
THe hone disadvantage
is playing in a final game at home, more pressure
Who put the dispute over home advantage to rest?
It has been found that soccer players in the United Kingdom produce significantly more testosterone before home than away games. This statement is…
The apprehension associated with how one will fare in athletic events at some point down the road is known as
COFF- cutting off future failure
In the context of choking under pressure in sport, it has been suggested that the interplay of the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems is a major factor in creating the situation. This state has also been called
bodily sabotage
A man is abusive to his wife. What is the % that he will abuse his child?
Hostile and instrumental aggression
can be separated from sport assertiveness; no intent to harm in assertive behavior
Prosocial behavior, according to data from Eron's longitudinal study of aggression
likely to be carried through to adulthood; avoided aggression as children
The reduction of a drive by expression is called
catharsis hypothesis
The politeness at a golf gallery
emergent norm theory
Temperature, noise, crowding
are physical factors that provoke aggression
Melissa has been soundly chastised...
deindividualation theory
It is the contention of Jennings Bryant that violence
is enjoyed by spectators to an extent
The Engineers are in first place in their league. Most likely, they as a team
willl commit fewer aggressive acts
The latin word aggredi means
to attack, to go toward
The safest summation statement concerning boxing
purpose is to inflict personal harm on your opponent
According to Smith's typology of violence, body checks and hits to various parts of the body constitute
body contact
With regard to catastrophic injuries in football..
they are relatively rare
Data gathered in 1995-1996 from the NHL indicated that American players
garnered 80% of penalties; far more aggressive than Canadians
Professional basketball players are notorious for whining about their salaries, working conditions, and their mistreatment by the press and game officials. In Tach’s typology as it is applied to athletes, these individuals would be classified as
Self indulgers
In several studies of violence against officials conducted by Rainey and colleagues, the most likely person to strike or otherwise abuse an official is a
player (41%)
According to Dewar, fan violence in baseball is most likely to occur
late in the game, hot months, weekends, team rally, high attendance
Equity based punishment for violent behavior in sport
eye for an eye
Rocky has 30 fights-
brain damage in cases >20 fights
Tonya Harding
persona nona grata, run ins with the law
The concept of the psychological core personality refers to…
the real you, traits observable, stable and enduring. others and yourself recognize them as your own personality traits
To Dishman
Psychobiological theory- biological facotrs interact with psychological variables to produce exercise compliance
Ther are problems which plague all research. These problems may be categorized as
conceptual, methodological, interpretive problems
Comparing students from RPI with HVCC
sampling problems
A systematic procedure for observing a person's behavior and describing it with the aid of a numerical scale is
a psychological test
Jeriann tested elite athletes at the US Olympic Center
Split-half, Kuder-Richardson, Coefficient Alpha are mechanisms for determining the ____of a test
internal consistency
The psychoanalytic model is an
intrapsychic model
The Balanced Inventory of Desireable Responding (BIDR) attempts to asses
impression management
The BIG 5 personality traits
1) Extraversion
3) Neuroticism
5) Openness to Experience

from trait psychology
Hypomania, psych asthenia, and paranoia are subscales found on the
Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI)
As opposed to the MMPI which is criterion based methodology, the 16PF used
factor analysis
Extraversion, Anxiety, Tough-Mindedness, Independence, Self-Control are global factors assessed by the
It appears that collegiate football players
are psychologically more healthy than their male peers based on POMS
Albert has just taken the 65-item version of the Profile of Mood States. Most likely someone doing the testing is interested in assessing
mood states such as tension, depression and anger
According to Nideffer, athletic success is closely tied to
attentional style/focus
The Test of Performance Strategies assesses
the mental skills necessary for peak performance (attentional control, goal setting, imagery, relaxation, activation, self-talk, emotional control, automaticity)
The use of dissociative strategies in ditance running is more likely to take place
during training
The EDITS 30 item verson of POMS
is less susceptible to social desireability than POMS
The Elite Distance Runner Project
all members showed Iceberg Profile..scored lower on negative mood states and hire on psychic vigor than Olympians
Bud Fowler, Moses Fleetwood Walker , and Weldy Wilberforce Walker are significant historically and were the first
black MLB players
Jack Johnson was
professional black boxer (flashy lifestyle, white women, forced to flee country)
Ryan is a scout a major league baseball operation and has been charged by management to see if he can identify and sign more black baseball players for the organization. With regard to this issue and college baseball
blacks don't see themselves in baseball (5.3% college players)
With regard to stacking in MLB
relegating blacks to certain getting better in infield
Psychological studies of black athletes
are rare
The definition of Hispanic in text
Hispanic Europeans (Spanish), south American, central American, Mexican, and Latino athletes from the United States
Only fifty Hispanics have competed for the United States in the Olympic Games since their reinstitution in 1896. This statement is
true-due to expenses and education
In analyses of how ethnic minorities are porttrayed in internationally televised athletic events
positive, more focus on physicality; asians viewed more negatively
An agency that is working to promote Native AMericans in sport
NASC (native american sport council)
Billy Bean, Sheryl Swoopes, Dave Pallone
gay athletes
The interest in sports such as parachuting and rock climbing, to name a few, has been called
risk revolution
Scuba diving in the view of college students
32% and 68% appealing (not dangerous)
More people die from bee stings than skydiving accidents
true..reassuring, but doesn't dispell risk
Jonas is studying the hang glider subculture. He finds out that the procedure used up to this time is primarily
most do it for the rush despite the risk
A Dallas physician once paid $ 65,000 to make a climb of Mount Everest. Such a fee is
The relationship between depth of dives and sensation seeking the Heyman and Rose study was
inverse relationship
The four scales of the Sensation Seeking Scale include boredom susceptibility, experience seeking, thrill and adventure seeking, and
Self confidence and concentration
better gymnast are more self-confident and successfully concentrated, refocused attention when faced with adversary
To Ericsson
hard work supersedes superior innate ability
It has been noted that Dan Kellner holds the world record for most parachute jumps. His record number of jumps is…
The terminology used by the NCAA to describe athletes with disabilities is
impaired student athlete
In categorizing athletes with disabilities, psychological disorders are
included in special olympics
Heather is an 18-year-old competitive athlete who has just sustained a serious knee injury that requires surgery. If you were a betting person, you would probably stake your money of Heather’s sport being
Derek is a high school football player who has sustained a serious ankle injury. He tries to play on the injured ankle but is not able to do so, so he is asked by his coach if he will submit to injections of painkillers and anti-inflammatories into the injured ankle. He agrees. Derek
is complying to the thought that young athletes worry about letting teammates and coaches down and confidence issues kick in to complicate matters
In terms of mood profile, disabled athletes
show some evidence of iceberg profile
The Special Olympics are closely linked to the Kennedy name. What specific event seems to be most pivotal in this link
rosemary had the flu-->retarded
The original idea for the Paralympic Games grew out of
england; ww2 vets original participants
Earl Campbell, Harry Carson, and Joe Jacoby are all examples of professional football players who are quite disabled as a result of their sports participation. As such
short term money/glory not worth long term cost
One researcher identified at least 35 studies of the life stress and athletic injury relationship. It was concluded after an analysis of these studies that
High stress players were injured 50% of the time, low stress athletes 9%
The injury theory that invokes hardiness and locus of control is
Ligament and tendon injuries in MLB
are up 224%..high correlation between steroid use and connective tissue injuries
The world Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) conducted almost 200,000 test during 2005. Of that number
3909 (2.13%) deemed adverse findings
The anabolic-androgenic steroid were introduced to the sport world by Russian
weight lifters (bloc lifters)
Androgenic properties of a steroid refer to its masculinizing effects ability whereas anabolic properties are in reference to its
masculizing/tissue building
Human Growth hormone
has been linked to a potentially fatal condition-Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease
Marisa has engaged in blood doping in which the blood of another person is used to carry out the procedure. This practice is also known as
homologous blood doping
Nadia Rosenthal, a Harvard researcher, has introduced a new term to the literature on gene doping. Her linguistic creation is
Schwarzenegger Mice
Charlesa is world-class competitor and she engages in some illegal performance-enhancing chicanery by using a banned substance known as a bête-blocker. Most likely Charlesa is…
Dr. Frankenstein, a mad scientist, is in his laboratory trying to create a new steroid compound so that he might strike it rich with wealthy athletes looking for a competitive edge that cannot be detected by the testing authorities. There is a name for what he is trying to create, and it is
designer steroids
Creatine is a new drug that athletes have used ostensibly to enhance performance. This statement is
false; creatine is not a drug, it is a nutrionaal supplement