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Who is Anton Van Leeuweinhoer
He constructed the first mircoscope and was the first person to describe microbes accurately.
Spontaneous Generation
Life could arise from non-living material
Arthur Miller
Was able to polymerize amino acids using UV light and high voltage.
Francesco Redi
Challeneged spontaneous generation. Showed that maggots on rotting meat came from eggs.
no flies-->after 48 hours still rot must be something in the air.
Louis Pasteur
Boiled broth no spoilage. Particles in air settled in neck of flask. Breaking neck of flask resulted in spoiled broth.
Came up with anthax and cholera and rabies vaccines
Agustino Bassi
Fungal disease of silk worms.
M.J Berkely
fungal disease in great potato blight in ireland.
de Bary
certain fungi cause plant disease.
Joseph Lister
developed techniques to prevent/reduce infection during surgery. was indirect evidence for microbial involvement in disease. used things like phenol.
Robert Koch
Bacillus anthracis causes anthrax.
Kochs postulates
used to associate a microbe with a particular disease.
1)need to be able to isolate the microorganisms from infected animal.
2)must be able to grow it in pure culture.
3)Go back and infect a healthy animal and cause same disease.
4)reisolate same microbe from second animal.
Problems with Kochs postulates.
99% of microbe cannot be cultured in the lab.
Second animal might be immune.
Could be a virus.
Ethical issue: cant infect healthy humans.
Charlie Chamberland
developed filters to trap microbes.
Edward Jennwe
came up with the concept of vaccination. Small Pox. Prophylactic to induce the immune system to recognize some foreign entities.
Elie Metchnikoff
Demonstated existence of phagocytic cells.(macrophages)Blood and cell mediated immunity.
Industrial Microbiology
Louis Pasteur- alcoholic fermentation in microbes.(Beer:wine;lactic acid;yogurt)
concept of pasteurication-kill some of the microbes.
Agricultual Microbiology
Serge Winogradsky
soil microbes capable of oxidizing a vaiety of elements (iron, slufer, ammonium) Also described Nitrogen Fixation (N=-N)-->NH4 in atmosphere-->reductive process
Ag Micro(cont) Martinus Beijernck
Showed that nitrogen fixation was carried out by specific plants associated bacteria.