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What is the function of spicules or spikes?
Spicules or spikes help to support the sponge's body and prtect them from being eaten.
How do food and oxygen enter a sponge's body?
The inner cells beat their flagella causing water to be drawn through the pores into the central cavity. The water contains food particles and oxygen.
How do sponges reproduce?
Sponges reproduce asexually by budding and sexually by the fertilization of swimming sex cells An individual sponge can produce both egg and sperm.
Where do sponges live?
All sponges live in water. Most are aquatic and live in waters around the world.
Are sponges vertebrates or invertebrates?
What type of symmetry do sponges have?
either asymmetrical or radial
When do biologists believe sponges evolved?
540 million years ago
Describe a sponge,s likely ancestor.
The developed from protists that lived in colonies.
Sponges belong to what phylum?
phylum Porifera