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Plot is what happens in a story. It consists of a series of related episodes, one growing out of another.
One or more of the characters act to resolve the conflict.
A story’s most emotional or suspenseful moment. Point where the conflict is decided one way or another
The last part of the story. This is where the loose ends of the story are tied up and the story is closed.
Repetition of consonant sounds in words that are close together (e.g., tongue twisters.
Use of words with sounds that echo their sense (e.g., crash, bang, hiss).
An educated guess based on evidence.
Person or animal who takes part in the action of the story.
Struggle or lash between opposing characters or opposing forces.
The main idea of the story, the discovery about life and what we take away from it.
context clues
The surrounding words and sentences used to figure out the meaning of a word.
main idea
The most important thing the writer has to say in a paragraph or selection. The main idea may be directly stated or implied.
Kind of writing that creates a clear image of something, usually by using details that appeal to one or more of our senses (sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch).
chronological order
Arranged in or according to the order of time.
The introduction of a past event into a story or motion picture; also : this past event.
first person point of view
When a character tells a story using the pronoun "I".
internal conflict
An internal conflict takes place within a character’s own mind.
narrative poetry
Narrative poetry is poetry that tells a story.