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Location and 2 functions of SP3?
Location: On medial side of foot proximal to 1st metatarsalpharangeal joint

Function: Strengthen Spleen, Resolve Damp
Location and 2 functions of SP4?
Location: On medial side of foot
1 cun proximal to SP3

Function: Tonifies Stomach and Spleen, Stops bleeding
Location and 5 functions of SP6?
Location: 3 cun above medial malleolus

Function: Nourish Blood, Tonify Yin, Eliminate Blood Stasis, Move Blood, Calms the Mind
Location and 2 functions of SP9?
Location: In depression on inferior medial side of tidia condyle

Function: Resolves Dampness, Benefits urination
Location and 2 functions of SP10?
Location: 2 cun superior to medial epicondyle of the femur

Function: Tonifies Blood, Eliminates Blood stasis
Location and 2 functions of SP15?
Location: 4 cun lateral to umbilicus

Function: Strengthens Spleen, resolves Dampness