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Describe the OSS
-WWII era US intel and sabotage agency
-Created by Pres Roosevelt (June 1942)
-First ops were in Europe and N. Africa
-Opposed by some (Army, Navy, Hoover)
-Abolished by Truman in 1945
-Reemerged as CIA July 1947
What is Venona?
-Codename for the codebreaking project involving Soviet messages
-Op ended in 1980
-Op disclosed by William Weisband (USA)
Who is Philby?
-Soviet spy in Britain
-Part of Cambridge Spy ring
-MI6 liaison to FBI and CIA
Who is Maclean?
-Member of Cambridge spy ring
-Penetrated by Soviet and US
Who is Burgess?
-British spy; Cambridge spy ring
-Considered to be leader/organizer
-German-American who was double agent for US
-Arrived illegaly in US, became US citizen
-Visited Germany, job was noticed by German Intel
-Recruited by
Germans; after training reported contact to US
-Paid by FBI to be double agent (1940's)
-Work led to roundup of 33 spies
-British Secret Service Bureau during WWI; agent of influence
-In US reported on German sabotage attempts; tried to bring US into conflict
-Used by Pres Wilson to help keep USSR in war vs. Germany
-Discussed reestablishment of German monarch; got political intelligence from Germans
-Discussions broken off by US State Dept as they could violate US neutrality
-GE spy sentenced to death in US...not executed
-Responsible for sabotage of munitions in 1916/1917, especially the Black Tom Island in NJ in July 1916
-Deported to GE in 1923
-Influential 20th century Britain
-had powerful influences over intel activities
Amerasia case
-Amerasia was a magazine focusing on US and Asian affairs
-OSS agents found classified documents at the paper's office
-FBI investigated; arrested several people for violating security regs
-Beginning of the spies-in-govt investigation of 1940's and 1950's
-US secretary working as a courier for Soviet intel in US
-1938 to 1944 carried documents
-"blond spy queen"
-Cipher clerk in Soviet Embassy, Canada
-Decided to stay in Canada with family; Canada initially didn't want him; stayed with neighbor
-Was able to reveal atomic spy ring
-US State Dept accused of spying for Soviet Union
-Convicted and imprisoned for perjury; never convicted of spying
-Venona in 1996 linked him to espionage
-Time magazine editor who was a Soviet spy
-Charged that Hiss was also a spy
-Couple involved in Atomic Spy Ring
-Convined brother-in-law to provide documents from his job at Los Alamos
-Arrested and executed
-US DOJ employee who spied for Russians
-Conviction was set aside for technical reasons
-Eventually DOJ closed the case
-Soviet spy in US during 1950's
-Exchanged for Gary Powers
-Controlled spy ring in NY
-Leading CI specialist in CIA during Cold War
-Suspected CIA infiltrated by KGB
-Polish intel officer who defected; was MOLE for KGB
-Provided info that led to arrest of George Blake, Brit who was spying for Soviets and Harry Houghton of Royal Navy
-CIA suspected he was insane
-Soviet defector who became prisoner of CIA in 1964
-Case officer for Lee Harvey Oswald
-Was appointed consultant in CI under CIA Director Colby
-Soviet illegal sent to US at age 11; Lonsdale was his assumed name
-Arrested in London with Cohen's; exchanged in 1964
Morris Cohen
-With his wife, spied for Soviets; he was USA, she in defense plant
-Associated with Rosenberg's, when they were arrested the Cohens went overseas
-Arrested with Gordon Londsdale and tried in Britain for espionage
-Served 8 yrs, were swapped for British citizens being held by Soviets in 1969
-GRU officer who defected "in place" and spied for US and UK from 1961-1962
-Gave info re: Cuban Missile Crisis
-Executed by Soviets
Church Committee
-US senate investigating committee looking into intel ops during 1975-1976, led by Frank Church
-Primarily concerned with domestic spying (NSA)