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The process of using measures of student performance and behavior, including tests, to make educational decisions:
The goal of assessment is to adapt the process to fit indiviual needs rather than ________.
Fitting students into particular assessment procedures
the rpocess of determining the ability or performance level of students
list six types of measurement
behavior observations
rating scales
clinical evaulations
What is the prurpose of measurement?
to produce objective information such as numbers, scores, or other quantitative data
What is the broadest term of comprehension?
_______ is less general than assessment, and it includes testing as well as many other procedures.
______ is the most exact term becusae it refers to a set of questions given once in a structued setting
______ is the ability to adapt to the enviroment by devleoping independnet personal and social behavior and by adjusting to changes in the enviornment
adaptive behavior
Achievement focuses on _________ while adaptive behviaor concentartes on ________
Academic Abilities
functional and practical abiliteis
The evaluation appraoch that measure performance based on progress in the curriculum rather than in relation to scores on morm-refreced tests. Also konwn as authenitc assessment or performance assessment
curriculum based assessment
refgers to retaining studnets with disbailties in the mainstream of eudcaiton reather than placing htem in serpate programs
The puropose of the first intelligence test was to:
identify studnets who could not benefit from educational instruction
Which evlaution approach relies on teacher-made tests, classrok, homeowrk assitments and teacher impressions?
curriculum based assessment
what are the 4 steps of the assessment process?
Determining Elgibility
Instructional Intervention
Measuring Progress
What is the prupose of screening?
to determin if a studne't gneral level of performance or beahavior falls outside average or normal range
list some forms a screening test may take
formal screening
checklist, scales, inventories
vision and hearing tests
medical reports
progress records
intervention records
educational and attendnace history
what is the best example of a screening program?
child Find
What do the best screening programs do and include?
check all aspects of a child's grown and development and include followup services
Why do we screen stduents (3 reasons)
to confirm our obeservation and impressions
to docment potental problems
to decide if further testing is needed
Why do we use assesment to determine elgibility? (4 reasons)
to diagnose learning needs
to meet legal requirments
to protect the rights of studnets and their families
to determin elgibility for services
Why do we use assessment in the instructinoal interviention process? (4 reasons)
to ID instructinoal needs
to estabilsh intervention priorties
to develop objectives
to evaluate curriculum and materials
Why do we assess? (3 reasons)
to determine if change as occursed, and if so, extned of change
determine sped entittlement/elgibility
obtain information to guide further instruction
what do we assess?
performance or behavior that is relevant to some goal
what are two issues with assessment?
danger of overgeneralization and the significance of the goal
__________- refers to dificulty that is systematically related to a non-relevant factor
What are the three things considered for CI assessment?
academics, assessment scores (IQ)and adaptive behaviros
what is the deterimining factor for SLI elgibility?
it impacts educational performance
What is the implication for LD elgibility?
sever discrepancy btwn ability & achievement

inadqeuate response to instruction
What test offers more flexibility? CRT or NRT?
what does a CRT meausre?
indivudal success based on the curriculum
what does a NRT asses?
the results are refernced against the norm or a sample
what is validitity?
does the test test what it's suposted to
what is reliability?
there is little variablity in results
What are the three measures of central tendncy?
mean, median, mode
what is the mean?
the average
what is the median?
the middlemost score
what is the mode?
the number that appears most
what are four measures of dispersion?
the range, or rang
interquartile range
standard deviation
what is the range or rank?
in order from best to worst
what is the interquartile range?
it's the middlemost averages, from 25% to 75%
what is standard deviation?
it's the square root of variation
what does SEM stand for?
standard error of measurement
What are 3 types of variablity?
test retest
alternate form
split half
inter rater
what is rest re test reliatbality?
give the test once and give it again
what is split half reliatbility?
even and odd questions are predicting of eachother
what are the three types of validity?
content validity
have you acutally sampled from the content covered
criterian validity
does your performance on the test predict something in the future?
construct validity
does it accurately represent the nontangible concept
_____________ preceeds ___________. a test must be _______ to be __________-
reliability, validity
reliable, valid
_____________ is not a sufficient condition for validity. Something can be _________ but not valid
__________ preceeds reliablity and validity
What is reliability?
same resuluts no matter who does the scoring
what is validity?
how well an assessment acually measures what it's uspoted to measure
what are three aspects of validity?
extraneous interference (accomodations)
consequences (bias)
allows all studnets to equally demonstrate knowledge or skills
_________ are intended to measure how well a person has learned a specific body of knowledge and skills
criticisms of CRTs
too vague
standards not always agreed upon
what is the standard error of measurement
if a studnet takes the same test repeatedly, the standard deviation of the repeated scores is the SEM
what's another name for SEM?
the degree of variablity
what are strenghts of NRTs?
test norms
helps determine sped placement
what are the weaknessess of NRTs
norm problems
doesn't show strengths and weaknesses
what doe the horzionatl bars of the WJ III indicate?
the instructional range, of high to low score (sucky)
what is the mean of the WJIII?
what is a z score? *wjII*
how far away from the mean in precise standard deviation
what did binet do?
first intelligtnce test, determine who needed more individual attention
what happened when binet's scale came to the US?
Goddard and Terman gave herditarian viewpoint. Social darwinism
Are age and grade equivalency socres developmental scores?
no. they describe the average number of items correct at a specific age or gade
the 85th percentile always corresponds with a stadnard score of ___
what is the more acruate way to describe a perofmance on a test?
standard score
The process of suing tests and other measure of studnet performance and behaviro to make educaitonal decisoins
the process of determinign ability or performance level by using objective info such as nummbers, socres and other data
the process of determining general leves of perofmance or behavior though tests and evals
an estimate fo the vairbality of scores based on the avg distance of individual scores form the mean of the distrubtion. groups of scores with higher vairbaliy yeild larger of these than those with lovwer varibaliey
standard deviation
NCE stands for:
normal curve equivalent
a score that fits a normal curve of equal untis. Mean of 50 and s.d. of 21.06.
normal curve equivalent score
a standard score with a mean of 50 and a s.d of 10.
t score
standard score with a mean of 0 and a s d of 1
z score